Image of the Tempietto in Kogan Plaza during cherry blossom season

Visiting Campus

University Yard Photo

We have been welcoming campus visitors for almost 190 years. Prospective students, families, faculty and professionals who are exploring career opportunities, those seeking treatment in our medical center and attendees at seminars, conferences and other events all find a warm welcome at GW.

Washington, D.C., is accessible and easy to get around, with an array of affordable lodging located near the university and a multitude of dining options on and off campus. With its cultural venues, historical sites and vibrant social life, D.C. is a magnet for visitors from around the world. The university is an integral part of the District of Columbia and no visit to GW is complete without sampling the offerings of its city.

Explore GW Before You Visit

Explore our Virtual Tour to navigate the university’s campuses and Washington, D.C., while learning more about the university's facilities and history.

It offers multiple ways to interact with three separate maps: the Foggy Bottom Campus, the Mount Vernon Campus and downtown D.C. A map of the Virginia Science and Technology Campus is coming soon.

The Foggy Bottom and Mount Vernon maps show renderings of every building on campus. Explore building descriptions, photographs, a list of related links, a feed of events and real-time Twitter updates.

You can also navigate a list of buildings or tour topics, such as “Academics and Research,” “Student Life” and “Community Service.” The Virtual Tour has “layers” that highlight different spots on campus. The "sustainability" layer shows where bike racks, water bottle fillers and CarShare spots are located, and the "residential" layer makes it easy to see where residence halls are in relation to other campus buildings. An optional “GW Highlights” function sends you through a guided tour of 10 hot spots on campus, with a bonus stop that shows places to visit off campus.

We encourage all students and families who are considering GW to visit. We have a range of tour options available. 

Virtual Tour Videos

Campus Maps

Use our maps to find your way around when you're on campus: