Our classrooms have more than four walls;

they have gallery halls, Capitol domes, low tides and high bays.







The George Washington University’s academic life is defined by not only its faculty and students’ unique abilities for turning knowledge into action, but also for taking full advantage of GW’s vast access to world-class partnerships, policy-research initiatives and one-of-a-kind learning opportunities.

As a leading research university, GW promotes the advancement of human knowledge across disciplines and throughout its 10 schools, 35+ cross-disciplinary research institutes, and expansive system of libraries—and, as a result, frequently produces invaluable contributions to policymaking that affects millions of lives worldwide. Moreover, all directly benefit from the firsthand knowledge of GW’s renowned faculty, which includes a Nobel Laureate, Pulitzer Prize winner, former White House staff members, diplomats, and other leading experts in business, media, law, science, arts and the humanities.

As a result, GW’s unmatched combination of accomplished faculty, deep network of collaboration and unique location unlocks countless opportunities for students to engage in the critical thinking and professional grounding they need to become innovative leaders who can solve the world’s most important problems.





“I came in as an undecided major. I took an intro to communications class and I really enjoyed it and how the major is broad enough for me to really focus on what interests me. My public communications professor (James Walker) is a graduate of the communications program at GW and is now a VP at a PR firm. He went through the same classes that we are all taking now and he is very successful in the field—he's been a great resource.“

Major: Communications






Current and former Fulbright Scholars


Endowed faculty positions





“Some of my greatest experiences were talking to former ambassadors and academics who are well-published and then listening to them both talk candidly with each other. These are things you can’t get out of a textbook or read in The Economist. Having peers from different walks of life who bring different perspectives also adds to this advantage.“

Master of International Policy and Practice



Explore an Area of Study that Interests You


Students in GW summer programs taking a selfie with the Capitol in the background

Summer in the City

A summer at GW filled with learning and activities in the city might be exactly what you need to prepare for your future. We offer individual courses and multi-week programs for high school students, undergraduates, graduates and working professionals. Flexible schedules, smaller classes and the chance to explore D.C. make summer at GW a great way to kick off your year.



Corcoran Continuing Education student working on pottery

Non-Degree Students

From sculpture and interior design to biology and computer science, taking a course as a non-degree student will allow you to learn the basics, develop further expertise or explore something brand new. As a non-degree student, you do not receive a certificate or degree from GW, but you can earn grades and credits, and receive an official academic record.








“I took Arabic and international relations courses, but it never really clicked until I was speaking with local Jordanians who lived through the historical events I was studying in class. Studying abroad places you outside your comfort zone and challenges you in new ways."

NADA MOHAMAD-ALY, studied in Jordan
Majors: Political Science & International Affairs, Middle East concentration


Make Your Mark Through an Online Program




Spending time on our campuses is exciting, but with more than 100 online programs, you don’t have to be in D.C. to join in.

With programs in more than 12 areas of focus from nursing to engineering, you’ll get the same quality GW education and benefit from our access to the nation’s leaders and most powerful institutions.