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In his last will and testament, George Washington envisioned a university in the heart of the nation’s capital that would serve as an intellectual hub for the country. Today, through our world-class academics, access, partnerships and policy-research initiatives, GW puts its knowledge to work.  Our students are engaged in the world around them through opportunities that make attending GW a life-changing experience.

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Our university attracts students who want to make a real difference in the world, and because of our location and connections they're able to do just that, interacting with and learning from the most influential leaders of our time. Interested potential students can find more information about undergraduate life and the application process on GW's Undergraduate Admissions website.


Across all disciplines and academic areas, GW students put their education into action. Research done at our university propels the scientific and engineering communities into the future, while our liberal arts majors help shape the cultural and political landscape. Through our network of internships, partnerships, research and service initiatives in Washington, D.C. and beyond, we study the world and work to change it.

Financial Aid

Our university works hard to make the GW experience a realistic option for every admitted student through our Fixed Tuition program, financial aid packages and admissions merit scholarships for which every applicant is automatically considered. 

International Students

Our namesake envisioned a university that would enlighten students from all over the world. Today, we encompass students and faculty members from every state and more than 120 countries. Our more than 3,500 international students mean GW ranks among the top research universities in the United States in terms of international diversity within the student body. With our academic strength and geographic location, GW provides a dynamic link between Washington, D.C., and the global community. 

Student Experience

We provide students with an education that is deeply connected to all that Washington, D.C., has to offer. We host classes in the U.S. Capitol, the Newseum, and President George Washington’s Mt. Vernon Estate. Through a variety of partnerships, our students have research opportunities with nearly every federal agency in America, as well as numerous multilateral groups, including the National Institutes of Health, Smithsonian Institution, World Bank, Naval Research Lab and Pan-American Health Organization, just to name a few.

Visit GW

The best way to experience GW, nestled in the heart of the nation’s capital, is to see it for yourself and discover everything that is available to our students. Reservations are required to attend our information sessions and campus tours. Can't make it to campus? Don't worry! We offer a comprehensive and award-winning Virtual Tour to help you get acquainted with our campuses and the surrounding DC area. Use our Virtual Tour to learn more about our schools, facilities and campus resources and prepare for your in-person visit.

Parents & Families

GW employs many services for families to remain connected and engaged with the university. Through mailing lists, year-round visitation events and news resources, we help both prospective student parents and current student parents obtain the information they need about GW.