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Here a whole city is your classroom, renowned experts are your teachers and the president is your neighbor.

And that's just freshman year...



Undergraduate Admissions


Students with Chuck Todd at Meet the Press

When you study at GW, your experience will be anything but typical. You might learn from Pulitzer Prize-winners, run into world leaders on campus or be challenged by the first lady to serve our community. But the real difference at GW is that as a student you’ll immediately put what you learn into action. From the center of Washington, D.C., you’ll be able to explore hundreds of internship opportunities (in your field alone), take part in groundbreaking research that changes lives, join a student organization and volunteer with fellow Colonials in the city or around the world. If you come to GW, you won’t just live in D.C. — you’ll become a part of the nation’s capital and make a difference in it every day.


Access Your Education

Fixed Tuition

Under our fixed tuition program, your tuition is guaranteed to remain at the same rate for up to five years of attendance at the university, as long as you maintain continuous, full-time study. So while you’re juggling classes, internships, student groups and #OnlyatGW moments, you can take comfort in knowing that we’ve taken the guesswork out of financing your education.


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Test-Optional Policy

To us, an applicant is much more than a test score. We want to get to know our students. Our test-optional policy makes it possible for us to get the full story, as you are not required to submit standardized test scores, except in certain situations. You can submit yours if you choose and they will be considered with your other materials.


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Access & Success

We want GW to be affordable and attainable for any family. Our Task Force on Access & Success looks for new opportunities to enroll the most successful and diverse student body. We’ve formed partnerships, initiatives and scholarships to help in accomplishing that goal and have created programs — like mentorships and resources for undocumented individuals — to ensure our students are successful once they’re on campus.


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GW has 10 Schools with 100+ Programs



GW has more than 450 Student Organizations



GW has 27 Division I Varsity Sports



There are more than 12,000 internship opportunities for GW students



The average class size at GW is 28



More than 40% of GW undergrads study abroad



Ashley Polite

Ashley Polite

Class of 2018
Major: Fine Art Photography

“I get the opportunity to be a part of the art community as well as the larger university, and that's exactly what I wanted. Being around different Corcoran people and GW as a whole, there are so many different personalities, so many different ethnicities, so many bright, creative people. And that kind of brought the best out of me.”

Costs & Aid

At GW, we’re committed to helping you find every option available to finance your education.


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Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA)

OSFA can help you and your family bridge the gap between the contributions you can make and various options to finance your education. Our staff can guide you through the financial aid application process and help you understand options like federal or private loans, scholarships, grants and work study.


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Exceptionally qualified GW students may be awarded with academic scholarships. While you may find and receive new opportunities each year you study here, when you first apply to GW you are automatically considered for a Merit Scholarship. If you’re awarded a Merit Scholarship as a freshman, you’re guaranteed the award for up to 10 consecutive semesters as long as you maintain continuous full-time study and make satisfactory academic progress.


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