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Air Equality for all

Air (E)Quality for All

The most polluted neighborhoods in the United States are also the most disadvantaged. Research at GW aims to shine a light on this inequity—and effect policy change.


Land of Fire and Ice

Land of Ice & Fire

More than 4 million people live in the Arctic, where climate change is progressing faster than on the rest of the planet. Researchers across GW are working to help sustain their cities, infrastructures and cultures.

Closing America's Home Ownership Gap

Closing America's Homeownership Gap

Boosting homeownership among Black households in America begins with owning up to a history of racial discrimination in the real estate and mortgage industries, say GW researchers studying the homeownership gap.


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Single, Talented and Penalized

New research shows that single women professionals are more likely to face leadership penalties in the workforce.




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Russian media drives online hate
New study finds a clear and growing link between Russian propaganda and online far right extremism, and that the influence of Russian media on these communities is organic—making it harder to stop.






Single, Female and Looking for Business Success
Forbes reports on a new study by Jennifer Merluzzi, associate professor of strategic management & public policy, that found single young women faced a penalty in seeking leadership positions.