Cost of a GW Education

Every year, thousands of talented and promising undergraduate students come to the George Washington University with a desire to change the world. We know that both our current students and their families, as well as prospective students and families who are exploring GW have an interest in knowing what it will cost to attend college. 

Each year, GW announces estimated costs for the upcoming academic year in late February/early March in time for currently enrolled students to begin their housing and dining plan selection process for the next academic year. This also provides newly admitted high school students about to start their first-year and their families with the information they need to determine how to finance a GW Education.


At a Glance: 2023-2024 Estimated Costs

The following outlines the base estimated costs for an undergraduate student* who enrolls for the 2023-2024 academic year in GW’s Columbian College of Arts & Sciences, School of Business, School of Engineering and Applied Science, Elliott School of International Affairs or Milken Institute School of Public Health. 

Direct costs for tuition, student fees, and housing and food will be billed directly by the university by semester and may vary based on the specific type of room and meal plan a student selects. 

Indirect costs like personal expenses, books, supplies and transportation will also vary by student and should be considered when planning how to finance one’s college education. 

Estimated costs for both a student’s direct and indirect expenses are utilized to calculate financial aid support based on a student’s estimated family contribution towards their education.

2023-2024 Academic Year

New, First-time Students
(First-year or transfer)

Continuing Students*
(Second-, Third- and Fourth-year)
Tuition $64,700 $64,700
Mandatory Fees $290 $290
Matriculation Fee** $350 $0
Housing & Food*** $16,300 $20,000
Books, Transportation & Misc. Expenses**** $4,100 $4,100
Estimated Costs $85,740 $89,090

*  Fifth-year students who enrolled at GW prior to fall 2020 are the last cohort year of students who follow the university’s fixed tuition plan. Beginning in fall 2020, GW tuition rates are set annually. 

** The matriculation fee is a one-time fee for a new, incoming student. Students in their second, third- and fourth-year who paid the fee upon their initial enrollment as a first-time student are not charged this fee annually. This one-time fee will only be applied to a second, third- or fourth-year student if the student is a new, first-time incoming transfer student. 

*** Housing and Food is an average estimate for a student who lives in GW’s residence halls.

**** This is an estimate for books, transportation and miscellaneous expenses. Actual expenses will vary based on each individual student. These items are considered indirect costs not direct costs to attend college. 


Learn More about GW’s Tuition, Housing & Food, and Fee Rates

The actual cost of attendance varies for each undergraduate student depending on their degree program, on-campus housing and meal plan choices, as well as other factors including books and personal expenses. With housing, as a student continues on with their studies at GW, more room options such as modern suites and apartment-style living are available instead of the more traditional two-person rooms most students live-in during their first-year on campus.


2023-2024 Estimated Costs for Undergraduate Specialty Programs

In addition to the more traditional four-year undergraduate degree programs offered in the Columbian College of Arts & Sciences, School of Business, School of Engineering and Applied Science, Elliott School of International Affairs and Milken Institute School of Public Health, GW offers several accelerated and/or degree completion bachelor degree programs in the School of Nursing, School of Medicine & Health Sciences and College of Professional Studies. Costs for these programs may vary.


2023-2024 Estimated Costs for Graduate Programs

Tuition and fees for graduate, medical, law and doctoral programs vary by program.