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GW Students Robin Eberhardt and Lillianna Byington



Classroom Meets Career Goals

Students Lillianna Byington, BA ’18, and Robin Eberhardt, BA ’17 saw their hard work pay off when a classroom assignment led to their story being published on the front page of The Washington Post. Tasked with investigating federal money forfeited back to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, they not only made discoveries regarding DC’s housing department, but also cemented their commitment to journalism. Lillianna and Robin found their story at GW. Apply today to find yours.

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GW Alumna Elana Meyers Taylor, BS ‘06, MTA ‘11

Going for Gold

Elana Meyers Taylor, BS ‘06, MTA ‘11, has her sights set on gold this February. This two-time Olympic medalist and GW alumna will be competing in the 2018 Winter Olympics for women’s bobsledding.

Grad2Grad: A special opportunity for GW seniors

Grad2Grad Program Offers Discount on Graduate Programs

The George Washington University will continue its Grad2Grad Program for another year, offering a 10 percent tuition reduction to 2018 GW graduates who enroll in an eligible graduate program.


Jose Maria Salazar Rodriguez at the White House

Jose Maria Salazar Rodriguez

GW Class of 2021
Columbian College of Arts & Sciences

"Attending George Washington University has been such a blessing for me. I have been able to leave my dorm room, walk four blocks, and stand right in front of the White House. I’ve seen multiple motorcades, experienced protests, and interacted with people from all walks of life all during my first semester of college."


"And following tradition in my #bollywoodcinema course, my students strike a pose in classic Shahrukh Khan style, on the #lastday #lastclass I will miss these #fabulousstudents" - @gwenglishprof


"Made it to the capital for school #gwu #Washingtondc" - @alaniib


"Winter 2018 - @nickel_anddime"


"After a lovely vacation, I am back!!" - @alejandrak.leon'


Welcome, President LeBlanc!


Welcome, President LeBlanc!


Welcome, President LeBlanc!


Welcome, President LeBlanc!