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GW students sitting in Olympic Rings in South Korea beach



World-Class Data for a World-Wide Event

When the Winter Olympics went to PyeongChang this February, a group of GW graduate students went along to study the games. But they weren’t counting Triple Axels: The students collected data on everything from where the athletes sit between events to how quickly security lines move. Their research will be used by the International Olympic Committee to make the next games even better.

Read about their #OnlyatGW research trip




Students sitting on a curb on H Street across from Kogan Plaza in summer

8 Reasons to Take a Summer Course

Summer registration is now open! With over 650 courses available, both online and on campus, learn about the top 8 reasons to take courses this summer.

Textile 101 at the GW Museum

The Art of Interaction

The Textile Museum’s latest exhibit, Textiles 101, is an interactive installation that encourages visitors to not only look, but touch the displays. Visitors will have the opportunity to handle a color wheel, yarn, carpets, and more.


Jose Maria Salazar Rodriguez at the White House

Jose Maria Salazar Rodriguez

GW Class of 2021
Columbian College of Arts & Sciences

"Attending George Washington University has been such a blessing for me. I have been able to leave my dorm room, walk four blocks, and stand right in front of the White House. I’ve seen multiple motorcades, experienced protests, and interacted with people from all walks of life all during my first semester of college."


"Extremely excited and proud to officially announce that I have been accepted and, after completing my Bachelor’s Degree this May, I will be continuing my education at The George Washington University in pursuit of a Master’s Degree in Public Policy!" - @juliamaebarrett


"@yutawatanabe12 with the all-time understatement after banking a career-high 29 points vs. La Salle: 'I think I did my job today.'" - @gw_mbb"


"The 2018 #winterolympics are officially underway! GW offers some incredible experiences in the #sports management program and a class exploring the #olympics is one of them! A group of students are lucky enough to be on the ground in #pyeongchang working and learning behind the scenes at the Olympics! -gwsbfowler"


"Time don’t stop for no man" - @dread_head_h0ncho'


Welcome, President LeBlanc!


Sakura, Sakura


Welcome, President LeBlanc!


Celebrating Women’s History month w/ amazing women