Health Affairs / SMHS Organizational Chart


This chart is a leadership overview of this division. Please visit the full organizational chart if you would like more detail.


  1. Barbara L. Bass, MD

    Vice President for Health Affairs, Dean, School of Medicine and Health Sciences,

    CEO, The GW Medical Faculty Associates

    1. Clinical Public Health Programs

      Lawrence "Bopper" Deyton, MSPH, MD

      Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Public Health

      1. Culinary Medicine Program

        Timothy Harlan, MD, FACP, CCMS

        Executive Director

      2. Office of Clinical Public Health

        Karla Bartholomew, PhD, JD, MPH, PA

        Director, Combined MD/Public Health Degree Programs

    2. Diversity & Faculty Affairs

      Yolanda Haywood, MD, RESD

      Senior Associate Dean for Diversity and Faculty Affairs

      1. Anti-Racism Coalition

        Karen Williams, MD

        Co-Director, ARC

      2. Center for Faculty Excellence

        Debra Hermann

        Director, Center for Faculty Excellence

      3. Office of Continuing Education in the Health Professions

        Leticia Hall

        Director, Continuing Education in the Health Professions

      4. Office of Diversity and Inclusion

        Grace Henry, EdD

        Assistant Dean and Director of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion

      5. Office of Medical Faculty Affairs

        Nadia Cureton, MPA

        Director, Faculty Administration

      6. Research Workforce Development

        Alison Hall, PhD

        Associate Dean, Research Workforce Development

      7. Upward Bound Program

        Janeale Gottlieb-George

        Manager, Upward Bound Program

    3. GW Medical Faculty Associates

      1. Executive Leadership

        Lance Kaplan

        Chief Financial Officer

        Benjamin Riestra

        Chief Operating Officer

        Anton Sidawy, MD

        Chief Physician Executive

      2. MFA Clinical Departments

        Jeffrey Akman, MD

        Interim Chair, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

        David Belyea, MD

        Interim Chair, Department of Ophthalmology

        Jeffrey Berger, MD, MBA

        Chair, Department of Anesthesiology

        William Borden, MD

        Interim Chair, Department of Medicine

        Adam Friedman, MD

        Chair, Department of Dermatology

        Nancy Gaba, MD

        Chair, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology

        Thomas Jarrett, MD

        Chair, Department of Urology

        Henry Kaminski

        Chair, Department of Neurology

        Antonia Sepulveda, MD, PhD

        Chair, Department of Pathology

        Anton Sidawy, MD, MPH

        Chair, Department of Surgery Interim Chair,

        Department of Neurosurgery Interim Chair,

        Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

        Robert Shesser, MD

        Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine

        Stephen Teach, MD, MPH

        Chair, Department of Pediatrics

        Robert Zeman, MD

        Chair, Department of Radiology

    4. Health Sciences Programs

      Reamer L. Bushardt, PharmD, PA-C, DFAAPA

      Senior Associate Dean for Health Sciences

      1. Health Sciences Academic Affairs/Program Administration

        Catherine Golden

        Associate Dean, Academic Planning and Assessment

        Candice Johnson

        Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

      2. Health Sciences Department Chairs

        Marcia Firmani, PhD., MSPH, MT(ASCP) MBCM

        Chair, Biomedical Laboratory Sciences

        Leslie Davidson, PhD

        Chair, Clinical Research and Leadership

        Joyce Maring, PT, PhD

        Chair, Health, Human Function, and Rehabilitation

        Tamara Ritsema, PhD

        Interim Chair, Physician Assistant Studies

      3. Health Sciences Finance

        Will Noone, MS

        Finance Director, Health Sciences

      4. Health Sciences Research

        Trudy Mallinson, PhD

        Associate Dean for Health Sciences Research

        Biomedical Informatics Center

        Qing Zeng, PhD


      5. Health Sciences Workforce Initiatives

        Patrick Corr, EdD

        Director, Student Programs and Dual Enrollment (Governor’s Health Sciences Academy)

        Sheel Singh, MA

        Research Program Associate, Clinical and Translational Science Institute at Children’s National

    5. Medical Education (MD Program)

      Rich Simons, MD

      Senior Associate Dean for MD Programs

      1. Data and Planning

        Lourdes Winberry, MPH

        Associate Dean

      2. Graduate Medical Education

        Harold Frazier, MD

        Associate Dean

      3. Himmelfarb Medical Library

        Anne Linton, MS, MA


      4. International Medicine Programs

        Huda Ayas, EdD, MBA, MHSA

        Associate Dean

      5. Office of Admissions

        Diane McQuail, MA

        Associate Dean

      6. Office of Evaluation

        Anthony Artino, PhD

        Associate Dean, Evaluation and Research Education

      7. Office of Financial Aid

        Meredith Schor, MBA


      8. Office of Medical Education

        Robert Jablonover, MD

        Assistant Dean, Pre-Clinical Education

        Terry Kind, MD, MPH

        Associate Dean, Clinical Education

        Kathleen Kline

        Director, Office of Medical Education

      9. Office of Student Professional Enrichment


      10. Office of Strategic Partnerships and Community Engagement

        Linda Zanin, RDMS, EdD


      11. SMHS Office of Student Support

        Steven Davis

        Interim Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

        Rhonda Goldberg, MD

        Associate Dean, Student Affairs

        Lorenzo Norris, MD

        Associate Dean, Student Affairs

    6. Research and Academic Affairs

      Robert H. Miller, PhD

      Vice Dean for Research and Academic Affairs

      1. Basic Science Department Chairs

        Sally Moody, PhD

        Chair, Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology

        Sanjay Maggirwar, PhD, MBA

        Chair, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine

        Rong Li, PhD

        Chair, Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Tropical Medicine

        David Mendelowitz

        Interim Chair, Department of Pharmacology & Physiology

      2. Classroom Display Services

        Hellen Olumilua

        Director of Classroom Display Services

      3. GW Institute for Spirituality and Health

        Christina Pulchalski, MD

        Director, GW Institute for Spirituality and Health

      4. Institute for Biomedical Sciences



      5. Laboratory Services

        Erica Grant

        Director of Laboratory Services

      6. Rodham Institute

        Jehan El-Bayoumi, MD

        Director, Rodham Institute