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What Will Your #OnlyatGW Moment Be?

There’s a certain kind of magic that happens when you combine opportunity and proximity. As Gabriella Marki and Professor Mary Buckley found out, conversation turned into an invitation when the Women’s Leadership Program hosted ambassadors for dinner. Learn more about the #OnlyatGW experiences that can make a day or shape a life.


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It's no surprise that GW's class of 2020 already has a bright future in its sightsIt's no surprise that GW's class of 2020 already has a bright future in its sights
Lincoln Mondy

Big Tobacco and the Black Community

Columbian College alumnus, Lincoln Mondy, CCAS BA '16, has drawn the attention of the Huffington Post and others with his documentary on tobacco as a social justice issue.

GW Alumnus Andrea Sestanovich at Alumni Weekend 2015

Thousands of alumni to come back to campus Oct. 27-30

"The education that I received at this institution and the opportunities I had as a GW student are really the reason I was able to find a great job after I graduated."

- Andrea Sestanovich, CCAS BA '14.

Daniel Wetter with President Nixon's speech writer

Daniel Wetter

Class of 2018
Major: Political Communication

"Still can't believe I'm taking a class from a Nixon speechwriter. Truly learning from the best. #onlyatGW"

- @daniel_wetter


@helen_renewed: Hi, world! #DOS #PressBriefing #OnlyAtGW


@gwadmissions: May every Monday be this colorful on our backyard of the National Mall #GWU!


@kgnmul: It's always fun to wander over to the White House or the mall after class and see if anything interesting is happening. #onlyatgw #marineone #whitehouse


@iamzhanara: The grass will always be greener for me in this country! #LincolnMemorial #WashingtonDC