Anglo-Saxon England Resource Cluster

ORB's Anglo-Saxon England    Multi-subject bibliography with primary sources and many links.

Anglo-Saxon History                Fairly extensive bibliography, primary and secondary sources by Simon Keynes.

Labyrinth Anglo-Saxon             Extensive links on Kevin Kiernan's Electronic Beowulf project.

NetSerf Anglo-Saxon               More resources and links.

The Franks Casket                   Images and descriptions of the 8th-century ivory treasure.

Catherine Ball's OE Page         Old English texts and translations; teach yourself OE with instructional software.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle          From the Online Medieval and Classical Library, translated from the Old English.

BedeNet                                  Devoted to the monk of Jarrow, with extensive bibliographies and lots of links.

The Venerable Bede                 A clearinghouse sort of site with exhaustive bibliographies and links.

On the Ruin of Britain             Read about the arrival of the Anglo-Saxons from the Scottish-born, Welsh-
                                                educated priest Gildas (writing c.540).

The Ruthwell Cross                  Learn about the 8th-century monumental cross and its relationship to the Old
                                                English poem The Dream of the Rood.  Includes images and translation.

Bateman's Derbyshire               A 19th-century antiquarian's account of Anglo-Saxon archaeology, with some
                                                artifact images.

Sutton Hoo                              Where the helmet that launched a thousand book covers was found.  This site
                                                has an online site tour and excavation images, but no artifact pictures . . .

British Museum Compass          . . . Because the British Museum owns the copyrights!  See them here by typing
                                                "sutton hoo" in the Quick Search box once you've entered Compass.