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The Shakespearean International Yearbook

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General Editors: Tom Bishop, University of Auckland, New Zealand and Alexander C.Y. Huang, The George Washington University and MIT, USA

Editor Emeritus: Graham Bradshaw, Professor Emeritus, Chuo University, Japan

The Shakespearean International Yearbook


'In the crowded field of Shakespeare studies The Shakespearean International Yearbook stands out for its distinguished contributions. The range of contributing scholars is worldwide. The members of the editorial board are leaders in their profession. The focus on methodologies and controversies, and on timely topics such as "The Globe, old and new", provides a forum for careful and up-to-date discussions of central issues.'
David Bevington, Phyllis Fay Horton Professor in the Humanities, University of Chicago


The Shakespearean International Yearbook surveys the present state of Shakespeare studies, addressing issues that are fundamental to our interpretive encounter with Shakespeare's work and his time, across the whole spectrum of his literary output. Contributions are solicited from among the most active and insightful scholars in the field, from both hemispheres of the globe. New trends are evaluated from the point of view of established scholarship, and emerging work in the field encouraged, to present a view of what is happening all around the world. Each issue includes a special section under the guidance of a specialist Guest Editor, as well as a production diary or record of a notable Shakespeare performance.

An essential reference tool for scholars of early modern literature and culture, this annual captures, from year to year, current and developing thought in Shakespeare scholarship and theater practice worldwide.


Submission guidelines

We are currently considering proposals for essays for upcoming volumes of The Shakespearean International Yearbook. Contributions from scholars and theatre practitioners outside the Anglo-American sphere are especially solicited.

Proposals should take the form of a preliminary letter of inquiry, briefly describing the proposed essay. Please be sure to include an estimate of length (in words, rather than in pages), and an estimate of the number and type of illustrations to be included, if any.

Please send copies of your proposal to the editors of The Shakespearean International Yearbook at siy@ashgate.com.

Download the Endnotes and Bibliography Stylesheet for The Shakespearean International Yearbook in PDF format.


Series advisory board:

Supriya Chaudhuri, Jadavpur Universisty, Kolkata, India
Natasha Distiller, University of Cape Town, Cape Town, Republic of South Africa
Jacek Fabiszak, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland
Atsuhiko Hirota, Univisity of Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan
Ton Hoenselaars, University of Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands
Peter Holbrook, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
Jean Howard, Columbia University, New York City, USA
Ania Loomba, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA
Kate McLuskie, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK
Alfredo Modenessi, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico City, México
Ruth Morse, Université Paris VII, Paris, France
Bill Worthen, Barnard College, New York City, USA