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University Bulletin: Undergraduate Programs The George Washington University  



Professors H.J. Davis, W.H. Becker, D.J. Lenn, T.L. Fort (Chair), J.H. Beales III, J.J. Griffin

Associate Professors J.B. Thurman, J.W. Cook, E.J. Englander, J. Forrer (Research), J. Rivera

Assistant Professors E.H. Kim, J. Walter, K. Martin

Professorial Lecturer W.N. LaForge

See the School of Business for programs of study leading to the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration.

4900 Special Topics (3) Staff
  Experimental offering; new course topics and teaching methods.
4995 Independent Study (arr.) Staff
  Assigned topics. Admission by prior permission of advisor. May be repeated once for credit. (Fall and spring)

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