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See Romance, German, and Slavic Languages and Literatures.

1001 Basic Portuguese I (4) Staff
  Handling the immediate context of daily experience in spoken and written Portuguese: identifying, describing, and characterizing people, objects, places, and events; giving information and instructions; issuing simple commands and requests. Laboratory fee. (Fall)
1002 Basic Portuguese II (4) Staff
  Speaking and writing in Portuguese about past and future events: telling a story (narrating and describing in the past), promising, predicting, and proposing simple hypotheses and conjectures. Prerequisite: Port 1001 or equivalent. Laboratory fee. (Spring)
1003 Intermediate Portuguese I (3) Staff
  Increasing active vocabulary, reinforcing mastery of basic grammar, dealing with more complex structures (verbal phrases, subordinate clauses), and using some patterns of indirect speech (repeating or relaying messages, giving reports, summarizing). Prerequisite: Port 1002 or equivalent. Laboratory fee. (Fall)
1004 Intermediate Portuguese II (3) Staff
  Consolidation and further expansion of the ability to understand as well as produce a more complex level of oral and written discourse emphasizing subjective expression: issuing indirect commands and requests; giving opinions; making proposals, building arguments; defending and criticizing ideas. Prerequisite: Port 1003 or equivalent. Laboratory fee. (Spring)
1012 Intensive Basic Portuguese (8) Staff
  Equivalent to Port 1001, 1002. Laboratory fee. (Summer)
2005 Composition and Conversation (3) Staff
  Development of strong conversational skills and the rudiments of expository writing. The vocabulary and structures necessary to move from handling everyday experience and subjective expression to the exposition of more abstract thought and ideas and discussion of political, social, and cultural issues. Prerequisite: Port 1004. Laboratory fee. (Fall)
2006 Applied Portuguese Grammar (3) Staff
  Intensive study of Portuguese grammatical construction in oral and written form, including consideration of relationships across the history of the language and its grammar, linguistics, and dialectology. Prerequisite: Port 2005.
2010 Accelerated Portuguese for Speakers of Another Romance Language (3) Staff
  An intensive course designed for speakers of another Romance language to develop competence quickly in spoken and written Portuguese. Laboratory fee. (Spring)
3100 The Lusophone Atlantic World (3) Staff
  A wide-ranging cross-cultural examination of the Portuguese-speaking Atlantic world, which includes extensive areas of the Americas and West Africa. How Lusophone Atlantic populations relate to those of other areas, such as Mozambique and former Portuguese India, where Portuguese-based Creoles are or were spoken. Prerequisite: Port 2006 or consent of instructor.
3101 Culture and Civilization of the Sephardim (3) Staff
  Focus on the cultural and religious background of the Jews of Spain and Portugal both before and since their expulsion/forced conversion in the late 15th century. Narrative and documentary histories from Sephardic cultures in the Iberian Peninsula and in the Diaspora are discussed. Prerequisite: Port 2006 or consent of instructor.
3600 Topics in Lusophone Literature and Culture (3) Staff
  May be repeated for credit provided the topic differs. Prerequisite: Port 2006 or consent of instructor.


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