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Programs in counseling are offered at the graduate level by the Graduate School of Education and Human Development through its Department of Counseling and Human Development. The following courses are available to undergraduates.

2162 Professional and Ethical Orientation to Counseling (3) Staff
  The roles and functions of a professional counselor and the ethical standards that govern the profession.
2163 Psychosocial Adjustment (3) Staff
  Mental health problems; emphasis on needs of counselors, teachers, and others working with children and adolescents.
2376 Introduction to Rehabilitation Counseling (3) Staff
  Overview of rehabilitation profession, including philosophy, history, ethics, theory, legislation, settings, and practice.
2378 Disability Management and Psychosocial Rehabilitation (3) Staff
  Case management services for persons with physical, mental, and emotional disabilities.
2381 Medical and Psychosocial Aspects of Disabilities (3) Staff
  Chronic and traumatic disorders; rehabilitation and psychosocial implications.

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