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See Physics.

1001 Stars, Planets, and Life in the Universe (4)
  Primarily for non-science majors. An introduction to how our Universe is structured, including the basic principles underlying astronomical systems and observations. Topics include the known laws of nature, stars, and planetary systems and the conditions for extraterrestrial life and exploration. Prerequisite: high school algebra. Laboratory fee. (Fall and spring)
1002 Origins of the Cosmos (3)
  Primarily for non-science majors. A description of the Universe, its origins and its evolution, based on known physical principles. Topics include galactic and stellar structure, black holes, origin of the elements, and big bang cosmology. Prerequisite: high school algebra. Laboratory fee. (Fall and spring)
2161 Space Astrophysics (3)
  Physical processes of celestial phenomena as determined from space-based instrumentation. While the entire electromagnetic spectrum is covered, the high-energy (X-ray and gamma ray) region is emphasized. Results from ground-based instrumentation (e.g., radio and optical) may be introduced. Prerequisite: Phys 1022 or equivalent.
2183 General Relativity (3)
  A presentation of Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Topics include the special theory of relativity, the nature of space and time, the equivalence principle, Riemannian geometry, Einstein’s proposal, tests of the theory, Schwarzschild and Kerr solutions, Hawking radiation, and cosmological models. Prerequisite: Phys 1023; Math 2233.
4195 Undergraduate Research in Astrophysics (3)
  Research on problems in astrophysics approved by the faculty. May be repeated once for credit.


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