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University Bulletin: Graduate Programs The George Washington University  



Associate Professors C.E. Harrison, C. Deitch, D. Moshenberg (Director), A. Zucker, R. Riedner, K. Pemberton

Assistant Professor J. Nash

Adjunct Professors B. Morris, T. Ramlow

Professorial Lecturer M. Frost

Committee on Women’s Studies

N. Cahn, E. Chacko, L. Chang, K. Daiya, C. Deitch, C. Gamber, B. Gault, C.E. Harrison, H. Hartmann, L. Jacobson, D. Moshenberg, J. Nash, B. Obler, K. Pemberton, R. Riedner, G. Weiss, S. Wolchik, A. Zucker

Columbian College of Arts and Sciences offers two interdisciplinary programs leading to the degrees of Master of Arts in the field of women’s studies and Master of Arts in the field of public policy with a concentration in women’s studies. Both programs are also available as part of J.D.–M.A. and LL.M.–M.A. joint degrees with the GW Law School. A graduate certificate in women’s studies is offered as well. Programs are directed by the Committee on Women’s Studies and draw upon faculty from various departments within the University and resource persons in the community.

Master of Arts in the field of women’s studies and Master of Arts in the field of public policy with a concentration in women’s studies—Prerequisite: a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.

Required: the general requirements stated under Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, and 36 credit hours of course work, with or without a thesis. Policy-oriented students take WStu 6221, 6240, and 6220, plus four courses in the public policy core (PPPA 6010, 6012, 6006; Econ 6217) and 9 hours of electives. Those pursuing the Master of Arts in the field of women’s studies must take WStu 6220, 6221, and either 6225 or an approved alternative; 12 credit hours in one other discipline (history, literature, economics, philosophy, religion, anthropology, or sociology); and 9 hours of electives. With permission, other disciplinary or topical concentrations may be selected. All students take a final 6 hours chosen from WStu 6998-99, or 6283 and 6295. All candidates are required to pass a Master’s Comprehensive Examination.

The M.A. program in the field of public policy is affiliated with the School of Public Policy and Public Administration.

Note: Excluding students enrolled in the Women’s Studies Program, completion of WStu 2120 and 2125 or equivalent, or permission of instructor, is prerequisite to all graduate-level women’s studies courses.

6220 Fundamentals of Feminist Theory (3) Ramlow and Staff
  A survey of historical theories significant to feminist thought, such as liberalism, socialism, evolution, psychoanalysis, and gendered spheres of social action. How these theories were revived and revised by the Second Wave of feminism since the 1960s. Brief examination of postmodernist and Third Wave feminist theorizing. (Fall)
6221 Research Issues in Women’s Studies (3) Deitch
  Analysis of the contribution of feminist or gender-relations perspectives from humanities and social science disciplines to the issues and methods of social research and social policy and practice. Topics include a review of feminist frameworks, a critique and re-evaluation of traditional academic disciplines, and analysis of current research on and for women. (Fall)
6225 Contemporary Feminist Theory (3) Nash and Staff
  Developments in feminist theory in the past 20 years, with a primary focus on American feminism and some consideration of European and Third World thought.
6230 Global Feminisms (3) Riedner and Staff
  The individuals, groups, and policies that shape global agenda for women; local and international fora in which global feminisms are forged.
6238 Feminist Ethics and Policy Implications (3) Weiss
  Same as Phil 6238.
6240 Women and Public Policy (3) Harrison, Deitch
  Analysis of gender-related U.S. policy issues, such as domestic violence, military service, abortion rights, equal employment opportunity, child and dependent care, welfare, social security, and international development assistance. (Spring)
6241 Women and the Law (3) Harrison
  Legal status of women in the United States on both the federal and state levels. Emphasis on constitutional equality, employment law, family law, reproduction and sexuality, and the criminal justice system. (Fall)
6251 Women and Writing (3) Staff
  Same as Engl 6540
6257 Gender and Sexuality (3) Staff
  Same as Anth 6501.
6265 Women, Welfare, and Poverty (3) Deitch, Harrison
  Examination of how the causes and consequences of poverty differ for women and men; how race, class, and gender shape policy responses to poverty. The history of family assistance policy in the United States and the impact of various welfare reform efforts. Same as Soc 6265. (Fall)
6266 Gender and Criminal Justice (3) Staff
  Same as Soc 6266.
6268 Race, Gender, and Class (3) Deitch
  Same as Soc 6268.
6270 Seminar: Selected Topics (3) Staff
  Investigation of a current policy issue of particular concern to women, or consideration of women’s status in a particular social system. Topics have included women and health; sexualities; women and Judaism; black women; gender, race, and class. May be repeated for credit. (Fall and spring)
6271 Gender and Society (3) Deitch
  Same as Soc 6271.
6280 Independent Study (3) Staff
  May be repeated for credit. Arrangements must be made with sponsoring faculty member prior to registration.
6283 Practicum in Women’s Studies (3 to 6) Deitch
  Study of the changing status of women through supervised assignment to public and private agencies engaged in policymaking, education, political action, and research. Placement arrangements must be made the semester prior to registration; departmental permission is required. May be repeated for credit to a maximum of 6 credits. (Spring)
6295 Independent Research in Women’s Studies (arr.) Staff
  Individual library or field research. Arrangements must be made with the sponsoring faculty member prior to registration; a written proposal is required.
6430-31 Gender, Sexuality, and American Culture (3-3) Staff
  Same as AmSt 6430/Hist 6430-31.
6435 Readings on Women in American History (3) Harrison
  Same as AmSt 6435/Hist 6435.
6998-99 Thesis Research (3-3) Staff
8275 Women and Health (3) Zucker
  Theoretical and empirical analyses of women's health: how women's health is constructed by medical, psychological, and critical theorists; how sexism, racism, and classism contribute to women's health problems; and identification of conditions that lead to optimal health and well-being. Same as Psyc 8275.  

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