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See Professional Studies.

6201 Mastering Multi-Sector Leadership (3)
  Multi-sector theories of organizational leadership and organizational transformation. Identities, incentives, and social roles that influence attitudes and behavior.
6202 Policy Issues and Analysis (3)
  Techniques for information collection and various analytic methods for conducting research and policy analysis.
6203 Leading in a Digital Environment (3)
  Management of technology innovation issues, such as project selection, resource allocation, planning, and evaluation.
6204 Politics of Organizational Leadership (3)
  Recognizing, diagnosing, and negotiating the politics in every organization—how information is shared, where decisions are made, and who is rewarded for what.
6205 Intergovernmental Relationships (3)
  The effects of various aspects of federalism, intergovernmental relations, and multi-tiered government on public action.
6206 Public-Private Partnerships and Contract Management (3)
  Implementation issues arising from the increasing use of multi-agent and multi-sector networks to deliver public services.
6211 Results-Based Management Systems (3)
  A life-cycle approach to management that integrates strategy, processes, and resources to improve decision making and accountability.
6212 Managing a Multi-Sector Workforce (3)
  The Multi-Sector Human Capital Management Framework, developed by the Office of Management and Budget, used to develop skills to manage today’s complex workforce.
6213 Performance-Based Financial Management (3)
  Managerial and cost accounting, auditing, and financial controls for the efficient and effective allocation of organizational resources.
6221 Organizational Process Improvement Methodologies (3)
  The terminology, methods, and practice of process improvement for organizational performance.
6222 Organizational Process Analysis (3)
  Data-driven approaches to identifying problems and opportunities for improving organizational performance.
6223 Organizational Process Design (3)
  Performance process design and redesign to achieve significant improvement breakthroughs.
6224 Process Improvement Research Project (3)
  Design and implementation of a process performance improvement project under faculty guidance.

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