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See Professional Studies.

6210 American Jurisprudence (3)
  Local, state, and federal court systems; jurisdiction and venue; procedural rules and rules of evidence; ethical considerations.
6211 Legal Research and Writing (3)
  Cost-effective legal research tools and methodologies; print and electronic resources; drafting, editing, and preparing legal documents.
6212 Litigation (3)
  Elements of effective litigation support for a standard civil action, including procedure, rules, ethics, professionalism, and technology.
6213 Corporations and Contracts Law (3)
  The processes of corporate law practice; corporate entities; SEC rules and regulations; the Uniform Commercial Code; contract formation; business ethics.
6214 Administrative Law (3)
  The structure, scope, and regulatory procedures of various federal, state, and local administrative agencies.
6215 Government Contracts Law (3)
  The law and processes of the procurement, formation, and execution of government contracts.
6216 Elements of Intellectual Property Law (3)
  Legal structure of the various parts of an intellectual law practice, including patent, trade, and copyright law.
6217 Prosecution and Litigation in Intellectual Law Practice (3)
  Processes, supporting documentation, laws, and rules of IP prosecution and litigation.
6218 International Trade and Finance (3)
  The law of international trade, licensing, and investment; basics of international commercial and contract law.
6219 International Litigation (3)
  The rules, processes, and law of international litigation and international organizations.

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