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For directions to GW's Mount Vernon Campus, please click here. A free shuttle bus (the Vern Express) to/from the Mt. Vernon Campus is available from GW's main campus in Foggy Bottom (pickup in front of Funger Hall on G Street between 22nd and 23rd Streets, NW).

To get to West Hall, please get off at the first shuttle stop (and walk back towards Whitehaven parkway). To get to West Hall, you can go down a long flight of steps and enter through the main entrance to West Hall (and then go down one level to the fitness center) or you can enter the small brick structure that says "Elevator to Tennis Courts" and take the elevator to the first floor, which will let you out into the parking garage. Turn right and walk all the way to the back of the parking garage and look for a glass door which will get you into West Hall.

For Hand Chapel, There is a map below shown here. Or please ask the shuttle driver for directions to the Hand Chapel.

Classes are held at the Hand Chapel at Monday and Wednesday

Classes are held at the West Hall at Friday, in B1, the fitness studio adjacent to the fitness center George Washington University's Mt. Vernon campus.

A free shuttle bus (the Vern Express) is available from the GW main campus. It takes about 10 minutes to get from the shuttle stop to the Mt. Vernon campus. Please click here for more info.

The exact location may vary from semester to semester. Be sure to check the current Training Schedule for practice times and locations.

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