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Undergraduate Programs

GW offers a broad range of academic offerings, with more than 2,000 undergraduate courses in areas ranging from anthropology to systems engineering. GW has an extensive library collection, cutting-edge technology resources, and faculty members dedicated to our mission of academic excellence.

Explore Undergraduate Programs

Explore our range of undergraduate programs to help you identify subjects of interest and build a major or minor course of study. You can browse undergraduate subjects by academic interest area or view a full list of all GW undergraduate subjects, including:

Need Help Getting Started?

Choosing what to study is an important part of your college experience. There is no one correct way to select your field of interest, but here are a few ideas to get you started. 

First, consider the high-school courses and activities you found most compelling or useful. Think, too, about any summer activities of interest and about subjects you wish you could have studied in high school. Then create a short list to use as a starting point.

Remain open to new opportunities. GW offers a large number of courses, and you will benefit by exploring a few subjects that are entirely new to you. And remember that you do not have to know what you are going to major in when you apply to GW. Your interests will evolve as you progress in your academic pursuits.

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