Strategic Management & Executive Leadership for Law Enforcement

As law enforcement officials advance through the ranks, they are trusted with increased managerial responsibilities and formal training in the fundamentals of their new roles is critically important. This graduate certificate program provides the managerial, planning and communication skills required of senior law enforcement professionals.

Global Public Relations

The Graduate Certificate in Global Public Relations prepares students with the strategic and tactical skills needed to excel in the challenging profession of global public relations.

Advocacy in the Global Environment

The Master of Professional Studies in the field of Advocacy in the Global Environment offers innovative experiential learning opportunities for professionals involved in all aspects of global politics and advocacy, from lobbying to strategic public relations, campaigns and influence building.

Organization Performance Improvement

The Graduate Certificate Program in Organization Performance Improvement is a 15-credit program comprised of five three-credit courses, Green and Black Belt certification exams, two organization performance improvement projects and individual project coaching for content application and practical project management strategies.

The courses are:

Cybersecurity Strategy and Information Management

The master's degree in Cybersecurity Strategy and Information Management will provide a focused skill set for working professionals in the justice, public safety, and information technology fields that will enable them to use and oversee information systems in the fight against crime, terrorism, and other pressing security issues. This program will also enhance the cybersecurity leadership skills of current homeland security and criminal justice professionals, thereby preparing the next generation of strategic leaders who work to secure and protect the country's infrastructure.

Justice and Public Safety Information Management

For professionals in the law enforcement, public safety, and homeland security fields, this program provides a comprehensive and strategic understanding of policy, best practices, and strategies related to information technology and data management.
• Understand the challenges and contemporary solutions related to information sharing and safeguarding;
• Apply current concepts and standards of enterprise architecture to justice and public safety fields;

Public Leadership

In today’s complex governing environment there are no longer distinct separations between “public administration” and “business management.” Effective public leaders must be well-versed in both. The GWMPS in Public Leadership with a Specialization in Multi-Sector Management is the perfect solution. By exploring theories, skills, and practices from a variety of disciplines, participants in this program will be able to create effective solutions for today’s organizational challenges, and build a knowledge base for tomorrow’s opportunities.

Urban Sustainability

Students will take two Core Courses in planning skills and four other courses covering sustainable urban design and policy choices.

Learning Objectives - The Graduate Certificate in Urban Sustainability will allow you to:

Paralegal Studies

The GW paralegal studies program prepares its graduates to work in demanding legal environments by affording them the cognitive knowledge and practical skills that such employment demands: writing and speaking clearly, concisely, and effectively; conducting research and presenting the results; analyzing legal issues; thinking critically; working individually and in teams; operating professionally and ethically; protecting client confidences; and avoiding conflicts of interest among them.

Sustainable Urban Planning

The Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Sustainable Urban Planning will give you the necessary skills and education to help you lead communities towards healthier and sustainable futures.

Designed to develop career urban planners skilled in sustainable urban planning and policy and knowledgeable about green technologies, this unique program integrates sustainable thinking and insights into every aspect of your planning education. It is designed for professionals in: