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Saving for the future is important—now more than ever. To help employees achieve their savings goals, GW offers a competitive retirement package with a selection of investment options. 

Base Retirement Plan:Employees who have completed two years of eligible employment service at GW are eligible to participate in the Base Retirement Plan. (The two-year service requirement may be satisfied in part or in full through prior service at another college or university prior to employment at GW.) Once an employee is eligible for the Base Retirement Plan, the University will contribute to the plan an amount equal to 4 percent of base salary. Contributions are vested immediately.

Supplemental Retirement Plan- 403(b) Plan:Upon hire, employees may elect to contribute a portion of their salary to the 403(b) plan. Contributions are tax-deferred. Selecting from a wide variety of investment options, you choose how to invest your account contributions and earnings.

Matching Retirement Plan: Once an employee is eligible for participation in the Base Retirement Plan, the University will match the employee’s contributions to the Supplemental Retirement Plan at 1.5 times, up to a maximum of 6 percent.

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