Image of the Tempietto in Kogan Plaza during cherry blossom season

Research Overview

Our faculty and students advance human knowledge in ways that open up new lines of intellectual inquiry and have significant positive effects on society. In support of these goals, the university is improving the infrastructure that supports research and encouraging basic, applied, translational, and policy research that works toward solutions to and new perspectives on significant societal problems.

With more than 100 centers and institutes and research in cutting edge projects, the Office of the Vice President for Research works diligently to assist researchers, strengthen existing initiatives and expand into new multidisciplinary fields.

A New Age of Research

GW SEH building

In recent years, as GW has climbed into the top tier of research schools, the growth of the university’s research profile outpaced its infrastructure. But that’s all changed now, as the Science and Engineering Hall’s long-awaited opening ushers in a new era of inquiry and opportunity at GW.

side view illustration of SEH building

The new building — eight stories above ground and six below — brings together research and teaching spaces previously spread across a dozen buildings and nearly doubles the space on campus available to a variety of science and engineering programs. The Science and Engineering Hall will initially house around 140 faculty members from 10 departments. The mix will range from computer scientists and aerospace engineers to physicists, biologists and, eventually, public health researchers. Read more about the new building.

high bay illustration

This expansive, three-story lab features a reinforced “strong wall” and a “strong floor” to test the strength of enormous objects, like bridge beams. The lab includes a 20-ton crane, a dedicated loading bay and a machine shop.

teaching tower illustration

Among the many teaching spaces in the SEH, these 1000-square-foot teaching labs are stacked at the center of the building from the third floor to the eighth floor. Enclosed by glass on three sides, they include labs for software engineering, circuitry and robotics.

greenhouse illustration

Located on the roof of the building, the greenhouse is scheduled to open in 2016 and will be climate controlled to keep the space hospitable for several diverse species of plants and small herbivores during the high summer heat.


Research Stories from GW

Antares rocket explosion

After the Antares rocket explosion destroyed their project this fall, GW students' experiment has reached the International Space Station.

pascale ehrenfreund

Dr. Pascale Ehrenfreund is among the Rosetta scientists to study a passing comet for clues about the origin of life on Earth.

exotic snake

Professor Lorena Barba and her team have created a computer simulation to better understand the flying snakes phenomenon.

mini heart illustration

Narine Sarvazyan is engineering mini-hearts that can be put wherever the circulatory system could use an extra push


flexible electronics illustration

Tiny, flexible electronics—wired with liquid metal and able to analyze a fraction of a raindrop— may be coming to a body near you.

law school professor alan morrison

GW Law School Professor Alan Morrison says there is a need to re-examine whether public access to researchers’ emails harms the scientific process.