Image of the Tempietto in Kogan Plaza during cherry blossom season

Reporting Emergencies

All emergencies should be reported to the GW Police Department (GWPD) as soon as possible.

GW Police


  • Foggy Bottom Campus: 202-994-6111
  • Mount Vernon Campus: 202-242-6111


  • Foggy Bottom Campus: 202-994-6110
  • Mount Vernon Campus: 202-242-6110

Program these numbers into your cell phone.

“Emergencies” constitute all imminent threats or hazards to people or property and may be any kind of incident, including accidents, injuries, alcohol or drug abuse, fire or loss of utilities in a campus building.

The GWPD has established procedures for reporting a wide range of emergency situations. During an incident, look for and try to remember details that can be used when reporting the emergency.

Guidelines for GW Community Members

If you observe a crime in progress, or observe behavior that you believe is suspicious or criminal, immediately notify the GW Police Department. Report as much information as possible including:

  • What the person(s) is doing,
  • Where it is happening,
  • Time of day,
  • Physical and clothing description of those involved,
  • The type of weapons involved, if any,
  • Vehicle description and license number, if appropriate, and
  • Last observed direction of travel.

Do not approach or attempt to apprehend the person(s) involved. Stay on the phone with the GWPD dispatcher until the first officer arrives at your location. Be sure to provide additional information as changes occur in the situation.

Emergency Communications

The University utilizes several different mediums to notify GW students, staff, faculty, and community members of emergency situations and safety-related information.