Image of the Tempietto in Kogan Plaza during cherry blossom season

Professional Development

Professional Development at GW turns jobs into careers. Our philosophy is to provide options based on individual learning preferences. Building on our generous tuition assistance policy, GW's holistic approach to development facilitates learning from many sources, in structured and informal environments. 

Real-world experiences at GW offer people relevant, just-in-time, learning opportunities. People who prefer hands-on learning through experience will find that, at GW, we value strategic projects and participation in cross-functional teams as a means for development. 

Mentoring, coaching, and networking at GW facilitates learning from others. People who want to connect with others will find themselves positioned to access experts, share lessons learned, and seek advice. To find out more please click here

Acquiring knowledge and building skills at GW promotes learning through instructor-led and online training. People interested in taking courses have access to hundreds of offerings. 

Visit Staff Learning and Development to explore resources available to you.

Academic Leaders Portal

In order to support the expanded role of the department chair, GW offers guidance, support, and resources through the Academic Leaders Portal.