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Preparing for Law or Medicine

The George Washington University advocates a strong and broad liberal arts education as a foundation for pursing both law and medicine. Because these demanding professions intersect with so many facets of society, from the arts to economics, students who advance to law and medical school benefit from a deep understanding of varied academic disciplines. In addition, for students who anticipate attending law and medical school, GW provides guidance on a curriculum that fully prepares them for the rigors of these advanced degrees.

Pre-law and pre-med advisers in the GW Office of Undergraduate Studies assist students in matching their majors and interests with courses that may be helpful in graduate school. In addition, pre-med students receive guidance on meeting prerequisites for most medical schools, including eight credit hours each in biology, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry and physics. Students must also complete the University Writing Program. In addition, GW strongly recommends courses in biochemistry, genetics and mathematics, which many medical schools require.