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Parents and caregivers are directly involved in the academic success and life experiences of most students. The George Washington University recognizes the importance and value of engaging parents—providing the information, support and opportunities for participation that you need and expect as vital members of the GW community.

The Office of Parent Services

GW, through its Office of Parent Services (OPS), establishes and maintains close, meaningful relationships with parents and caregivers. To this end, we:

  • Inform parents of student issues
  • Encourage parental involvement in each student's college experience
  • Facilitate communication between the university and GW parents

We know it is helpful and comforting to speak to a live person when you have questions. That is why we welcome and encourage personal contact. Beyond helping parents better communicate with the university and their students, the director and staff of OPS:

  • Coordinate Colonials Weekend, GW’s annual celebration of family and friends
  • Advise parents on the operations and functions of various university offices
  • Explain university policies and procedures, such as those related to GW Housing Programs, academic advising, financial aid, student accounts and registration
  • Provide information about campus events and programs, including April Visits, Commencement and intercollegiate sporting events
  • Maintain a website for Parent Services with up-to-date news, information, frequently asked questions (FAQs) and the Parents’ Colonial Connection Newsletter

Parents Association & Advisory Council

While all parents of undergraduate students become members of the Parents Association and its listserv automatically, parents who volunteer for the Parents' Association enjoy special activities, access and a network of other committed volunteers. The 30 parents who comprise the PA Advisory Council, the association’s governing body, work hand-in-hand with GW staff to enhance communication between the university and the parents of undergraduate students.

Parents Campaign

The Parents Campaign allows mothers and fathers to share in their students’ excitement at GW through support of undergraduate scholarships and multidisciplinary programming. The campaign helps you expand your role and impact by making a gift to benefit students directly.

Legacy Families

The university recognizes Legacy Families as students and alumni whose family, including parents, grandparents and/or siblings, attended or currently attend GW. Multi-generational family connections are one of our core strengths, and we are delighted that you are part of a great tradition of Legacy Families at GW.

GW Bookstore

Plan on your visit to campus to include shopping at the GW Bookstore for an assortment of spirited apparel and gifts. Located on the ground floor of the Marvin Center, you will also find residence hall and school supplies, computer-related products, magazines and best sellers, greeting cards, and textbooks and course materials.  It is the destination for all things Colonials!