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Apply for Financial Assistance

Applying for assistance at The George Washington University is an important step in preparing for undergraduate and graduate study.

Learn how to apply for Undergraduate Financial Assistance

Other Types

Doctoral Hooding

The George Washington University provides many opportunities to help fund graduate study.

Cooperative Education

Cooperative education allows students to integrate salaried, study-related work experiences into an academic program. These competitive positions are available in selected public agencies and private corporations. They are not based on financial need. International students may participate within the private sector, but opportunities in the public sector are limited to U.S. citizens.

House Mentors

House Mentors (HM) are residential assistants hired for upper-division halls. They help residents with personal and professional development. Full-time graduate students may apply for this position, which includes an hourly wage, a furnished room, voicemail and call-waiting services.  Click here to learn more, or here to fill out an application.

Student Employment

The Career Center has many sources and services for graduate students interested in working while they study. The center provides resources in person, online, in print or through listservs. These services can help a student develop a career plan, formulate a strategy for an individual job search and connect with prospective employers.

Career services for graduate students in the School of Business, the Elliott School of International Affairs or the Law School are available within each respective school. All  students are eligible to attend special programs and events, including panel presentations, workshops and career and job fairs, sponsored by the University-wide Career Center. 

Listings of full-time, part-time, internship, temporary and summer positions are available through GWork, the center's online job-listing system. To create a profile and search for positions, log on to the center's Web site and connect to the GWork link. 

Positions are also offered through Student & Academic Support Services.  Opportunities for graduate students can be found here.

Veterans Benefits

Active-duty personnel, veterans or dependents of veterans may be entitled to  educational benefits. To be eligible, veterans must have completed at least one year of active service in the U.S. Armed Forces, unless discharged under honorable conditions for medical reasons.

International Students

Most merit-based financial assistance opportunities are open to international students.

 Some students receive funding from GW, their home countries or the companies for which they work. Some international students received funding from GW, their home countries or the companies for which they work. Contact the International Services Office for information on U.S. employment and other guidelines. 

International students selected for teaching assistantships must demonstrate sufficient English language proficiency.

The Office of Graduate Student Assistantships and Fellowships

The Office of Graduate Student Assistantships and Fellowships provides general information and a wide variety of assistance with graduate support opportunities. The office also holds informational meetings on a variety of fellowships and provides GW students with workshops and special assistance on aspects of the application process such as essay writing and interviewing.