Your #OnlyatGW Moments

Peter Konwerski

Alum and faculty member Peter Konwerski takes pride in GW initiatives that help educate students about the broader issue of homelessness and social justice and also make a difference in local communities in Washington, D.C.

Claire August

With environmental policy as a passion, GW student Claire August jumped at the opportunity to testify before the Environmental Protection Agency. With some help from her professors, Claire spoke about her personal experiences and helped shape the conversation about the Clean Air Act.

Chris Bohórquez

What better place for a history buff to work than at the National Archives, helping to preserve the United States’ most important historical documents? Through GWork, Chris Bohórquez was able to net his dream job and get hands-on experience in the heart of the nation’s capital.

Daniel Wein

When the Supreme Court ruled against Proposition 8, Daniel Wein was there to capture the historic first steps toward marriage equality in a Vine that went viral.

Gabriella Marki and Mary Buckley

Women's Leadership ProgramGW’s Women Leadership Program provides freshmen the chance to learn from some of the most inspiring women in the world. And, as Gabriella Marki and Mary Buckley found out, you never know when an impressed ambassador might invite you over for dinner.

Gaby Desir

Turning theory into practice: One semester, GW student Gaby Desir is taking a course about the American presidency, and the next she’s working in the White House on President Obama’s 2016 budget.

Amy O’Halloran

Amy O’Halloran’s trip to the local grocery store turned into a discussion about economic policy. What makes this an Only at GW moment? Her conversation partner was International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde.

Dana Tai Soon Burgess & Ben Sanders

#OnlyatGW moments don’t necessarily happen on campus in Washington, D.C., or even in the United States, a lesson GW Theater and Dance Chairman Dana Tai Soon Burgess and student Ben Sanders learned while making special connections with students in Suriname through the language of art.

Ian Tang

GW students start making history the second they step on campus: Ian Tang helped organize TEDx Foggy Bottom, an event aimed at generating and sharing ideas that help change the world.


Caio Lopes

Why settle for studying art in a book when you could see it in person? Caio Lopes cherishes his lessons at the National Gallery of Art, a world-class museum just blocks away from GW’s Foggy Bottom campus.

Fan Zhang

Instead of looking down at your phone, take in the scenery. You’ll never guess who Fan Zhang ran into, gaining her lots of followers on Twitter as she shared her Only at GW moment.

Maddison Bruer

Children are not the only ones who have fun at the White House Easter Egg Roll. GW student Maddison Bruer had the Only at GW honor of greeting guests as Mama Bunny.

Patrick Madl

Caffeine’s not the only thing that will keep you awake during mid-terms. How about running into your idol and snapping your best #OnlyatGW selfie? That’s what happened to Patrick Madl at the Starbucks on campus.

Lincoln Mondy

At GW, students have a front row seat to history. For Lincoln Mondy, that meant a front row seat to see Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor at Lisner Auditorium. And you'll never believe who he was sitting next to.

Alexander Melton

When Alexander Melton is looking for that inspirational push to finish his homework, he hops the Metro over to the Library of Congress, where he can wrap up that term paper under the watchful gaze of one of America’s greatest presidents.

Avery Jaffe

Runners on first and second and your favorite lawmaker is at the plate during the annual Congressional Women’s Softball Game: What play would you call? #GWU student Avery Jaffe subbed himself in for a selfie with Rep. Nancy Pelosi, clinching his internship as truly an #OnlyatGW moment.

Carlee Gray

Junior Carlee Gray can snap a great photo on Instagram. But Only at GW would she get a chance to wake up to watch the sun rise over the monuments.