Office of the President Organizational Chart


This chart is a leadership overview of this office. Please visit the full organizational chart if you would like more detail.


  1. Aristide J. Collins Jr.

    Vice President, Chief of Staff to the President, and Secretary of the University

    1. F Street House

      David Rodriguez

      House Manager

    2. Government and Community Relations

      Renee McPhatter

      Assistant Vice President for Government and Community Relations

      1. Community Relations

        Kevin Michael Days

        Director of Community Relations

      2. Federal Government Relations

        Ryan McDevitt

        Director of Federal Government Relations

      3. Government Relations

        Gabrielle Sosa

        Assistant Director of Government Relations

    3. Office of the Board of Trustees

      Jonathan Post

      Assistant Vice President for Board Relations

      1. Board Operations

        Meagan McDermott

        Director of Board Operations

      2. Board Operations


        Assistant Director for Board Operations

      3. Administrative


        Executive Associate to the Board of Trustees

    4. Administration of the Office of the President, Office of the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

      Betty Freyre

      Director of Administration

      1. Financial, Logistics, Scheduling

        Shirette Boney

        Executive Coordinator

      2. Scheduling

        Alycia Papa

        Administrative Associate

      3. Special Projects

        Edward Howland

        Special Assistant