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Master’s & Certificate Programs

The George Washington University has a proud history of leading innovation in graduate and professional education, first as a resource for local residents working in the Washington area’s burgeoning government and business sectors and, more recently, as the intellectual center of an international city—drawing students from across the nation and around the world. Our master’s degree and graduate certificate programs position students to take the next steps in their professional development, whether they aim to earn doctoral degrees or advance their careers.

Master’s Degree Programs

As a growing number of professional and administrative positions require a master’s degree, the George Washington University offers a full range of master’s degree programs that meet the demands of the marketplace while fulfilling our students’ academic and career aspirations.

Graduate-Level Certificate Programs

Graduate certificate programs typically involve 12 to 18 hours of graduate course work in a focused area of study, providing specialized training to help expand students’ areas of expertise, teach them about new developments in their fields, augment their professional skills and provide credentials that help advance their careers.