Image of the Tempietto in Kogan Plaza during cherry blossom season

Lab Facilities


GW's anthropology labs include the following:


Laboratories in Bell Hall house a cold room, animal care facilities, fully equipped molecular biology laboratories, a photographic dark room, a microscopy room with a state-of-the-art Leo Scanning Electron Microscopy, a common instrumentation room, a computer room with scanners and microcomputers, fossil preparation rooms, a DNA sequence facility with an automated capillary sequencer, and two greenhouses. Facilities available in the GW Institute for Biomedical Studies include a microchemistry core facility with an oligonucleotide synthesizer and a Transmission Electron Microscopy and confocal microscopy suite.


The GW School of Business is home to the Capital Markets Trading Room, a virtual Wall Street laboratory equipped with software and information systems for financial modeling, trading, and portfolio management.


The Graduate School of Education and Development’s (GSEHD’s) Research Laboratory provides GSEHD faculty and students with technical assistance and support services related to conducting research. GSEHD Research Laboratory services include statistical tutoring and a variety of research methods workshops and assistance.


A partial list of School of Engineering and Applied Science laboratories includes:

For the full list of SEAS labs visit SEAS’s centers and institutes page,which also lists its laboratories and facilities.

Forensic Science

The Department of Forensic Science houses a microscope lab, a forensic chemistry lab, and a forensic molecular biology lab. Included among the equipment in these labs are a scanning electron microscope and a DNA sequencer.


The Spatial Analysis Laboratory is housed in the Geography department. The laboratory consists of 12 networked PCs, featuring the latest in GIS (ArcMap 9.1) & Remote Sensing (IMAGINE) software.


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