Image of the Tempietto in Kogan Plaza during cherry blossom season

Institutional Partnerships

The nation’s capital is a magnet for institutions that share many of The George Washington University’s aspirations for strengthening education, promoting social and economic opportunity and bringing cutting-edge research and outstanding expertise to bear on the challenges of our time—from healthcare to homeland security. GW creates formal and informal partnerships with these organizations to drive progress toward our mutual goals.

GW partners with 13 universities and two colleges in the Washington area. This consortium is dedicated to advancing higher education in and around the capital, enabling a combined 130,000 students to benefit from our collective resources. We also work closely with the D.C. Chamber of Commerce and collaborate with the Greater Washington Urban League, Greater Washington Board of Trade and other organizations to create strategies that enhance our community’s quality of life.

Within the Foggy Bottom neighborhood of our main campus, GW maintains relationships with the World Bank, International Red Cross, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and countless embassies, hotels, law firms, businesses and associations. Together we sponsor events, coordinate volunteerism and leverage our resources for common causes.

GW Stands with the Greater Washington Urban League

Every year, GW reaffirms its enduring commitment to the Greater Washington Urban League by serving hosting its annual meeting.

How to Partner with GW

From local nonprofits to large multinational institutions, GW is always looking for partners that complement and enhance our shared mission.