GW Stands with the Greater Washington Urban League

Committing support for civil rights and social services

Every year, GW reaffirms its enduring commitment to the Greater Washington Urban League (GWUL) by serving hosting its annual meeting. For 12 years, GW has taken this great opportunity to bring the GWUL Board of Directors and business members to the Foggy Bottom Campus while contributing planning, space and catering to this worthwhile organization.

GW President Steven Knapp addressed the GWUL annual meeting this year, noting the challenges of a difficult economic climate. “It’s at times like these when hard decisions must be made,” he said. “And we at GW stand with the Greater Washington Urban League as it continues to provide essential services to the residents of this great city.”

Since its founding in 1938, GWUL has brought effective approaches and solutions to Washington’s social and economic problems, fulfilling a mission to increase the economic and political empowerment of African Americans and other minorities through understanding of the responsibilities and rewards of citizenship. GWUL is one of more than 100 affiliates of the National Urban League.

Dr. Knapp has extended our commitment to GWUL’s critical work by joining its board of directors, a 37-member governing body that represents a cross-section of the greater Washington community. Michael Akin, GW’s executive director of government, international and community relations, serves on the GWUL advisory board, offering GW’s volunteer resources and academic expertise to support the organization’s work.

Institutional Partnerships

GW creates formal and informal partnerships with several local organizations to drive progress toward our mutual goals.

How to Partner with GW

From local nonprofits to large multinational institutions, GW is always looking for partners that complement and enhance our shared mission.