Image of the Tempietto in Kogan Plaza during cherry blossom season

Greek Life


  • Multicultural Greek Council Week: September 4 - September 9
  • Interfraternity Council Recruitment: September 24 - October 9
  • Panhellenic Recruitmet:October 2 - October 6

With over 155 years of tradition, 38 active Greek-letter men's and women's organizations, and just over 3,000 members, the Greek Community at GW is one of the strongest, healthiest, and largest (for an urban institution) communities in the country! The self-governing, self-supporting bodies of the fraternities and sororities are the Interfraternity Council, the Multicultural Greek Council, and the Panhellenic Council. These groups coordinate events, provide educational programs, establish community wide regulations and implement policies for their member organizations.

Fraternity and sorority life is founded on four pillars: scholarship and intellectual development, service, leadership, and brotherhood/sisterhood. Many members describe it as a one-stop shopping opportunity for student involvement that complements and adds to their curricular life on campus. By joining a fraternity, members can be involved with activities that fulfill their diverse interests and help them develop into productive members of society.

Fraternity and sorority members at GW are:

  • involved in virtually all other student organizations
  • perform thousands of hours of community service
  • write for the campus newspapers
  • in leadership positions with the Student Association 
  • and Program Board
  • on the University Hearing Board
  • Colonial Inauguration Cabinet members
  • varsity athletes
  • work internships throughout DC
  • spend a semester overseas

The GW Greek Community is unlike any other community in the country. Visit our Greek Life website and find out about our various councils, how to meet our members, learn about the groups, and see if this is the type of ‘Only at GW’ experience you want to be involved in!