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Graduate Fellows at GW

Graduate Fellows serve as role models and advisors to juniors and seniors living in university housing.

Graduate Fellows are graduate students in good standing who are enrolled in degree-granting programs at GW. They have demonstrated a strong commitment to academic rigor, intellectual discourse and continual self-assessment. They live in the upper-division residence halls they serve and spend about 20 hours per week carrying out their assigned responsibilities.

The Grad Fellows encourages residents to shape an environment that fosters personal and professional growth. They also help residents prepare for personal and professional life after graduation, including as it relates to lifestyle and career choices.

The Grad Fellows get to know their residents well, provide an example through appropriate behavior at all times and assist their residents in the development of educational, co-curricular initiatives.

Faculty Mentors

The Faculty in Residence (FIR) and Faculty Guide (FG) Programs aim to enhance the life of each student living in the residence halls. They also strengthen the academic mission of the University by facilitating educationally purposeful and rewarding interactions between residents and faculty outside of the classroom.

FGs and FIRs make a considerable time commitment, including nights and weekends. The Faculty-in-Residence staff, in particular, have constant informal interactions with students. The FIRs live in apartments in a GW residence hall.


The Faculty-in-Residence (FIR) members, who are provided an apartment in a residence hall, work with residential students. The learning objectives and outcomes for the faculty in residence position are:

  • FIR will develop events and opportunities outside the classroom that extend and deepen intellectual curiosity.
  • Students will learn how to appropriately interact with faculty through informal discussion between FIR and residents.
  • Students will gain a deeper understanding of academic persistence through mentorship from the faculty in residence.

Examples of faculty in residence initiatives:

  • Invited Clarissa Adamson from the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor/International Religious Freedom, to talk with students about working at the U.S. Department
        of State.
  • Hosted a monthly student book club.
  • Held a lecture and reception with artist Charles Cumming.

Faculty Guides

Faculty guides (FG’s) work with students in each of our first-year houses but do not live in the residence halls.

The learning objectives and outcomes for faculty guides are:

  • First-year students will learn how to approach and appropriately talk with professors.
  • Faculty guides will help first-year students acclimate to a rigorous college curriculum through academic mentorship.
  • FG’s will provide opportunities for first-year students to explore academic pursuits and to develop intellectual curiosity outside the classroom.

Recent examples of Faculty Guide events:

  • Alumni Fireside, an event where Abby Gonzalez, a public diplomacy foreign service officer, discussed public relations and the U.S. Foreign Service
  • Thurston Cultural Night of Salsa Dance in which a professional Cuban salsa-dancing troupe performed two songs then gave salsa dance lessons

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