Vice President & Chief Financial Officer Organizational Chart


This chart is a leadership overview of this office. Please visit the full organizational chart if you would like more detail.


  1. Bruno Fernandes

    Vice President, Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer

    1. Risk Management


      Director, Risk Management

    2. University Controller

      Neena Ali

      Associate Vice President, University Controller

    3. Financial Management

      Christopher Goss

      Associate Vice President, Financial Management for Schools

    4. Finance and Administration Divisions

      S'Monita Jackson

      Associate Vice President, Finance and Administration Divisions

    5. Treasury Operations

      Giulliano Camargos

      Director, Treasury Operations

    6. Treasury and Risk Accounting

      Erecka Gibson

      Director, Treasury and Risk Accounting

    7. Budget and Financial Analysis


      Associate Vice President, Budget and Financial Analysis

    8. Financial Planning


      Senior Associate Vice President, Financial Planning

    9. Medical Enterprise Finance

      Lance Kaplan

      Associate Vice President (SMHS) and Chief Financial Officer (MFA)

    10. Real Estate

      Karen Zinn

      Associate Vice President, Real Estate

    11. Procure-to-Pay

      Donna Ginter

      Associate Vice President, Procure-to-Pay

    12. Audit


      Chief Audit Officer

    13. Business Services

      Seth Weinshel

      Associate Vice President, Business Services