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Dr. David R. Schwandt

Dr. Schwandt is Professor of Human and Organizational Studies at The George Washington University in Washington, DC and Ashburn, VA. Dr Schwandt is the former Director of the Executive Leadership Doctoral Program and the Center for the Study of Learning located in Ashburn, VA. His current research centers on organizational issues that relate to collective cognition and experiments with agency based modeling. Specific areas of inquiry include organizational learning, strategy development and implementation, collective sensemaking and culture, and organizational development. His teaching responsibilities include instruction at both the Doctoral and Masters levels in the areas of organizational systems analysis, performance management systems, consultation, international human resource development, organizational learning, managerial and organization cognition, and chaos theory. He has also served on the faculty of The Johns Hopkins University's Applied Behavioral Science Program and the University of Maryland's University College Management Program.

Before joining the faculty of The George Washington University, Dr. Schwandt served as the Director of Organizational Development and in other capacities for the United States General Accounting Office (1979 - 1990). In this capacity he was responsible for the design and direction of integrated human resource management systems and services.

Dr. Schwandt's recent publications include a book Organizational Learning: Moving theory into global practices, and various books chapters included in Complexity leadership; Relational perspectives in organizational studies; and in Managing the Future: Developing Strategic Foresight in the Knowledge Economy. He has also written several articles related to the sociological aspects of organizational learning, strategy formulation, and managerial cognition. He has presented at national and international conferences that address organizational issues, both from a practical and theoretical perspective.

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