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About ELP

The Executive Leadership Doctoral Program 

ELP focuses on the interrelationships among people, organizations and learning, while utilizing systemic change processes. The program encourages the learner to challenge assumptions through critical reflection, and fosters group and self-directed learning. Theory, research and practice are balanced throughout the curriculum. Students are encouraged to form learning communities to provide collective support, promote action learning, and model a learning culture. 

The cohort format provides ELP students with an advantage over the traditional doctoral studies model. The learning experience is collective, and individuals are allowed the opportunity to express talents and interests, discover new ones, and develop both as individuals and as a team as the cohort advances through the curriculum. Additionally, the program provides and maintains a number of resources that foster community building. These include e'mail mailing lists, special speaker seminars, faculty and alumni discussion panels, and social events.

We Believe in the Learning Organization

The Human and Organizational Learning program is organized around three primary theoretical constructs: organizational development and change; leadership development; and individual, group and organizational learning. Our multidisciplinary approach to organizational studies draws on the fields of management, sociology, biology, psychology, and anthropology. Our research and degree programs are committed to:

Organizational Development and Change

  • by fostering the creation, planning, and implementation of strategic directions for future organization growth.
  • by utilizing systems theory as a sensemaking tool for diagnosing internal and external organizational operations.
  • by providing quality education for professionals and managers who are interested in helping people and organizations adapt to continuous change. 

Leadership Development

  • by exploring leadership theories and applying cutting edge principles in the workplace.
  • by transforming organizational culture to obtain performance and organizational change goals.
  • by providing leaders with innovative solutions for today's business challenges. 

Individual, Group, and Organizational Learning

  • by examining the inter-relationship between people, learning, and organizations while utilizing systematic change processes.
  • by fostering self-directed and team learning.
  • by increasing the learning capacity of individuals, groups, and organizations to optimize organizational growth and effectiveness. 

GW Programs

In addition to the ELP Doctoral Program in Ashburn, VA, other Human and Organizational Learning Doctoral, Master's and Certificate Programs are offered at various locations within George Washington University:

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