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ELP Doctoral Dissertations of 2012

Stephanie Berridge
Medford, NJ

Organizational Memory and Project Development: A Case Study Examining How a Small Business Uses its Organizational Memory When Making Project Development Decisions.


Bobbie DeLeon
Montclair, VA

Exploration of Action Learning and Critical Thinking: A Study of Critical Thinking Development Among Senior Managers.


Karen Detweiler
Vienna, VA

Exploring Discursive Interaction, Habitus, and Dynamic Co-emergence Among an Agency Leader and Congressional Oversight Committee: A Case Study of Languaging in Practice.


Randy Dobson
Auburn Hills, MI

Pilot Identity Salience Influencing Critical Incident Sensemaking in General Aviation Organizational Safety.


Jim Doiron
Auburn Hills, MI

The Cross-Level Relationship Between Project Team Learning and Project Team Identification: A System of Action Perspective.


Valerie Ford
Sterling, VA

Once You Click 'Done': Investigating the Relationship Between Turnover Intentions, Work Exhaustion and Disengagement Among IT Professionals in a Single Institution of Higher Education in a Major Metroolitan Area.


Estella Gillette
Houston, TX

A Case Study of Socialization Experiences in an Organization Characterized as a High Reliability Organization: NASA's Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Team, the Spacewalkers in the Astronaut Corp.


Tim Hope
Fairfax, VA

How Do Combat Experienced Junior Officers Describe Transitioning to a Non-combat Garrison Army? A Phenomenological Study of Job Transition.


Robin Hurst
Manakin Sabot, VA

Societal and Organizational Culture's Influence in Cross-Border Acquisitions: A Case Study Approach to Dissecting and Diagnosing the Process of Acculturation.


Sherry Kennedy-Reid
Springfield, VA

Exploring the Habitus: A Phenomenological Study of Transformative Learning Processes.


Charlotte Lofton
Westlake, OH

Mid-Career Transitions: A Qualitative Study Examining the Developmental Relationships, Attitudes, Networks, and Strategies of Frontline Workers that Seek Career Development and Advancement.


Guy Lotrecchiano
Beltsville, MD

Social Mechanisms of Team Science: A Descriptive Case Study Using a Multilevel Systems Perspective Employing Reciprocating Structuration Theory.


Paige McDonald
Ashburn, VA

Adult Learners and Blended Learning: A Phenomenographic Study of Variation in Adult Learners' Experiences of Blended Learning in Higher Education.


Laila Moretto
Arlington, VA

Exploring the Nature of the Relationships Between Decision-driven Scenarios and Decision Confidence in High-velocity Environments.


Michael Pobat
Reston, VA

It is all in the Mind of the Manager - Using Cognitive Complexity to Explore the Global Mindset - A Comparative Case Study.


Annette Rahael
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Co-CEOs: An Exploratory Case Study of Shared Leadership in a Family Owned and Operated Business.


Simon Reese
Ashburn, VA

The Relationship Between Organizational Identification and Learning Organization Dimensions in a Franchise Network: An Exploratory Survey Research Study.


Michael Robinson
Falls Church, VA

A Self Portrait of Generation Next: A Correlational Study of Cognitive Mindfulness and Identity Development in Emerging Adulthood.


Nicole Sapio
Reston, VA

The Structuration of Goals in a Healthcare Setting: A Case Study Examining the Social Structuring Interactions Between Organizational Context and Knowledgebale Agents.


Deborah Silva
Glastonbury, CT

Co-evolution of Strategic Alliance Between Multiple Partners in the Same Industry: A Case Study of a Global Airline Alliance: The Star Alliance.


Johanna Sweet
New Bern, NC

The Relationship Between Psychological Capital and Learning Organization Dimensions in a Community Medical Center: An Exploratory Survey Research Study.


Lara Zauner
Arlington, VA

Work and Family Role Integration Among Professional and Managerial Mothers at the Mid-Career Stage.


On-Campus Doctoral Dissertations of 2012

Nicole Harris

The Impact of Action Learning Experience on Reflective Practice.



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