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Human and Organizational Learning
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ELP Doctoral Dissertations of 2011

Charlotte Barner
Plano, TX

Understanding the Role of Mindfulness in the Professional's Experience of Being Recently Laid Off: A Phenomenological Study.


Robert Bogosian
Maspee, MA

Engaging Organizational Voice: A Phenomenological Study of Employees' Lived Experiences of Silence in Work Group Settings.


David Esworthy
Mt. Airy, MD

Subcultures in a Flat Organizational Structure. With Distinction


Larry Hughes
Gig Harbor, WA

Exploring the Experience of the African-American Male Worker Assigned to the African-American Male Leader.


Navid Keshavarz-Nia
Vienna, VA

Expert Knowledge: A Case for Transferring Tacit Knowledge From Source to Recipient Within the Restricted Environment of the Intelligence Community.


Mary Sally Matiella
Tuscon, AZ

The Role of Trust in High Reliability Organizing: The Moderating Affect of Organizational Trust in Temporary, Inter-Agency Group Dynamics.


Michele Mauchet
Flemington, NJ

Managers’ Perceptions of Organizational Learning and Organizational Innovativeness in a Global Healthcare Organization.


Tracy Phillips
Greensboro, NC

The Outsider Within Workplace Diversity: Examining the Interactive Effects of Gender and Ethnicity.


Faith Power
Winchester, VA

In the Moment: A Phenomenological Case Study of the Dynamic Nature of Awareness and Sensemaking.


Michele Scott
East Orange, NJ

Intersectionality: The Outsider Within “Privilege” of Maternal Relationships and the Empowerment of Sustainable Values.


Mike Stice
Houston, TX

A Leader's Introduction of Rapid and Radical Change into an Organization: A Case Study of Jack Welch and General Electric.


Laraine Warner
Richmond, VA

The Paradox of Adaptability and Consistency: A Case Study of Balancing Processes and Mechanisms in the Context of Episodic Change.


Tiffani Worthy
Ashburn, VA

Knowledge Sharing Among Community of Project Managers: A Descriptive Case Study Examining the Relationship Between Social Structures and Knowledge Sharing Among Project Managers in a Global Engineering Firm.


On-Campus Doctoral Dissertations of 2011

George Dertouzos
Leona, NJ

A Phenomenological Study Exploring the Antecedents of Union Commitment on the Everyday Lived Experiences of Union Members During a Labor and Management Dispute.


Kenneth Dickerson

Enacting Organizational Improvisation as Shared Leadership: A Case Study of Human Relationships Emerging in the Moment.


Emily Morrison
Washington, DC

Enacting Wholeness in Relationship: An Exploration of the Dynamic Co-emergence of Self and Other.


Rebecca Sawyer
Silver Spring, MD

Institutional Elements and the Identity of the University Housing and Residence Life Profession.



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