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ELP Doctoral Dissertations of 2010

Amanda Antico-

McLean, VA

A Comparative Case Study on the Role of Social Capital in a Community Economic Development Social Entrepreneurship (CEDSE).


Terry Camden
Sterling, VA

The Role of Organizational Values in Knowledge Sharing Actions: A Case Study.


Kate Davis
Rockville, MD

The Enactment of Learning and Knowledge Creation: A Study of Hospital Leadership Group Interaction.


Ann Marie Gagnon
Middletown, CT

Resilient Career Narratives: An Analysis of Mid-Career Managers’ Long-Term Unemployment Narratives.



New York, NY

Exploitation and Exploration as Collective Learning Strategies in a Complex Environment: A Case Study of a Chinese Manufacturing Enterprise.


Heidi Graham
Alexandria, VA

Leadership as Co-Influencing: A Heuristic Narrative Study of Dynamic Co-emergence within the Leadership Relationship.


Bob Hamilton
Hunt Valley, MD

Developing Executives Through the Exploration of Personal Histories: A Phenomenological Study of Transformative Learning in the Executive Development Process.


Robert Kerin
Highland, MI

The Process of Change in Leadership Development: Using 360-Degree Feedback to Study the Roles of Reflection, Planning, and Support.


Tim Kincaid
Keller, TX

Coming Out and the Nature of Discourse in Transformative Learning Theory.


Fritz Krauss
Wilton, CA

The Role of a Middle Management Team During a Directed Restructuring: A Case Study of a Government Agency Using Stones' Strong Structuration.


Hal Metcalfe
Chantilly, VA

Ethical Leadership of the Successor Subsequent to the Ethical Failure of the Predecessor: Creating an Organizational Phoenix.


Vareen O'Keefe-

Bedford, NH

Harsh Encounters: Conversational Violence as Experienced by Women in Nursing.

Ann Marie Ott
Oak Hill, VA

Through the Looking Glass of Complexity Leadership Theory: A Biomedical Case Study in Radical Innovation Leadership.

Lou Pugliese
Millersville, MD

A Correlational Study on the Relationship Between Entitativity and Workplace Satisfaction in an Automotive Setting.

Phil Schaper
Kensington, MD

Meaning Making: Learning in Whistle Blowing.


Harriett Smith
Bowie, MD

Interpersonal Trust and Cooperative Behavior in a Strategic Alliance.


Steve Smith
Midlothian, VA

The Meaning and Essence of Fairness in the Workplace: A Phenomenological Study of Organizational Justice.


Steve Terrell
Chesapeake, VA

How Global Leaders Develop: A Phenomenological Study of Global Leadership Development.

Rosamond Tompkins
Manassas, VA

The Organizational Identity of Family Business: The Role of Hybrid Identity in Organizational Events.

Gary Waldecker
Rising Fawn, GA

Organizational Learning from Cross-cultural Experiences: An Ethnomethodological Case Study Examining the Relative Importance of Social Structure and Cultural Values during Dynamic Interaction.

Chris Wasden
New Canaan, CT

Taxonomy of Social Tensions Derived From the Global Financial Crisis: An Exploratory Sequential Partial Mixed-Methods Study.

On-Campus Doctoral Dissertations of 2010

Beatriz Coningham

Leaders’ Emotion Talk: A Heuristic Study of Organizational Affective Culture.


Scot Holliday

A Case Study of How DuPont Reduced Its Environment Footprint: The Role of Organizational Change in Sustainability. (Published 2011.)


Linda Hunt

Race, Gender, and Representative Democracy: Perceptions of African American Women in the Federal Bureaucracy.


Gayatri Pandit

Critical Reflection in Collective Knowledge Creation: A Mixed-Methods Case Study of Middle Managers’ Reflection and Interaction in a Public Organization.



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