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ELP Doctoral Dissertations of 2009

Bob Brescia
Lewisville, TX

The Effect of Power on American Social Discourse in 1968. With Distinction.



New York, NY

Understanding Each Other at Work: An Examination of the Effects of Perceived Empathetic Listening on Psychological Safety in the Supervisor-subordinate Relationship.


Glenn Geelhoed
Derwood, MD

Transformational Learning in Health Care Students Through International Service in Developing World Environments.


Leslie Keelty
Annandale, VA

The Evolution of Organizational Identity Claims and the Role of Commemoration and History in a Family-owned Business.

Kathleen Kueht
Wauwatosa, WI

The Impact of Action Learning on the Lives and Learning of Baby Boomers.

Jeanne Bee-Tin Lian

Sensemaking and Sensegiving During Organizational Change: A Case Study of a Singapore Religious Leader.


James Yong Hwee Lim

Understanding Identity: A Phenomenological Study on the Adaptation and Learning of the Singapore Male in Retirement.


Armando Luna, Jr.
Jacksonville, FL

Generating Cooperative Advantage: A Phenomenological Exploration of Structural Coupling as Value Coherence of Organizational Values and Consumer Values.


Dolores Manley
Gainesville, VA

Mood as Embodied Action: A Phenomenological Study of Interaction between Self and the Environment.

Carmen Panzer
Putnam Valley, NY

Organizational Response to Complexity: Integrative Leadership. A Computer Simulation of Leadership of Inter-dependent Task-oriented Teams.

Katherine Rosenbusch
Alexandria, VA

Cross-cultural Adjustment Process of Expatriate Families in a Multinational Organization: A Family System Theory Perspective.

Elizabeth Ross
Dubai, UAE

Toward a Better Understanding of Doctoral Degree Completion: A 17 Year View of an Executive Leadership Doctoral Program.

Sydney Savion
Chesapeake, VA

How Do Retired Military Officers Start Anew in Civilian Society? A Phenomenological Study of Life Transition.

Milynn Swofford
North Town, PA

Impact of a Pharmaceutical Company’s Leadership Development Program on Participant Leadership Behavior.


Mitch Wasden
Baton Rouge, LA

The Impact of Mindful Leadership on Patient Satisfaction in the Healthcare Industry.


Chuck Watson
Falls Church, VA

The Relationship of Subordinate Perceptions of Leader-Member Exchange and Reciprocity Norms on the Quality of Integrative Trust: A Police Officer Census.


Shiree Wharton Slade
Ft. Washington,

The Complexity of Leading in the 21st Century: A Case Study of a Successful Charter School in an Urban School District.


Bill Yates
Reston, VA

Enabled Voices: An Interpretive Study of the ‘Lived Experiences’ of Young Adults with Disabilities during Their Transition to the Workplace.


On-Campus Doctoral Dissertations of 2009


The Role of Front-line Employees in Knowledge Creation: A Case Study of a Federal Government Agency.


Latonya Brown Small

Exploratory Case Study of How Workplace Community is Manifest in the Federal Government.



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Unpublished doctoral dissertations.
The George Washington University, Washington, DC