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Human and Organizational Learning
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ELP Doctoral Dissertations of 2008

Nanette Blandin
Washington, DC

Re-conceptualizing Leadership for an Era of Uncertainty and Complexity: A Case Study of Leadership in a Complex Adaptive System.


Edmina Bradshaw
Southampton, Bermuda

When Does Transformation End? A
Phenomenological Study of Sustaining a
Planned Change in Behavior through
Perspective Transformation in Overweight


Joan Butler
Rockville, MD

Exploring the Relationship Between New Employees’ Identifying Experience with the Organization and Their Fairness Perceptions of the Personnel Selection Process: A Phenomenological Study.


Paul Chabot
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

An Historical Case Study of Organizational Resiliency Within the Arellano-Felix Drug Trafficking Organization.


Michael Driekorn
Bokeelia, FL

Exploring the Applicatio of Process Mapping in the Ontological Engineering of a Body of Knowledge of the Supplier Quality Engineer Profession.

Paulette Gabriel
Philadelphia, PA

Personal Transformation: The Relationship of Transformative Learning Experiences and Transformational Leadership.


Elizabeth Mahler
Jessup, MD

Defining Career Success in the 21st Century: A
Narrative Study of Intentional Work Role


Mike McAfee
Chicago, IL

Private Sector CEOs as Volunteer Leaders – A Case Study.


Sue O'Rourke
Fairfax, VA

Understanding Embodied Awareness: A Heuristic/Phenomenological Study of the Relationship with Self and Other.


Mike Slade
Fairfield, CT

The The Adaptive Nature of Organizational Silence: A Cybernetic Exploration of the Hidden Factory.


Robin Wittenstein
Roslyn, NY

Factors Influencing Individual Readiness for Change in a Health Care Environment.


On-Campus Doctoral Dissertations of 2008

Marneita Chapman
Volunteer Motivation Among African-American Women – A Perspective of Congruence.

Gayle Griffin
The Lived Experience of First Line Managers During Planned Organizational Change: A Phenomenological Study of One Firm in the Residential Construction Industry.

Vijay Krishna
Exploring Organizational Commitment from an Organizational Perspective: Organizational Learning as a Determinant of Affective Commitment in Indian Software Firms.


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Unpublished doctoral dissertations.
The George Washington University, Washington, DC