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ELP Doctoral Dissertations of 2007

Merrill Anderson Ashcraft
Chesapeake, VA
An Empirical Study of the Strategy, Structure, and Strategic Roles of Management in a Government Agency.

Richard Berry
Honolulu, HI

Discovering the Missing Link of Emotion in Leadership: A Case Study of Affect Valence and Emerging Leadership.

Pascal Etzol
San Francisco, CA

The Role of Language in Organizational Power and Change-A Case Study in a Global European Pharmaceutical Company.

Dave Harper
New Market, MD

The Relationship Between Employee Commitment and Success in the Implementation of Software-based Technological Change Processes.

Bill Neal
Prague, Czechloslovakia

Leadership Ethics: A Phenomenological Exploration of the Bio-Adaptive Nature of Complementarity.

Al McCready
Old Greenwich, CT

The Organizational Dynamics of Corporate Governance Structures: An Investigation of Heterogeneity in Board’s Participation in Corporate Governance.  (Awarded With Honors.)

Susie Pontiff
Jacksonville, FL

Ethical Choices: A Phenomenological Study of How Managers in Organizations Perceive Their Decision-Making Experiences in the Face of Ethical Dilemmas.

Lydia Pugh
Leesburg, VA

The Invisible Director: A Case Study of the Interpersonal Dynamics of Effective Nonprofit Governance from the Social Network Perspective.

Ernie Smith
Leesburg, VA

CEOs’ Perceptions of the Board’s Role in Strategy.

Mark Stavish
Leesburg, VA

How Nonprofit Boards of Directors Scan the Environment: A Case Study of a Nonprofit Community Healthcare Board.

Ron Stolle
Hudson, OH

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act: Are White-Collar Criminal Punishments Being Used to Affect Organizational Cultures of Compliance and Ethical Behavior?

Bill Toms
Perrineville, NJ

Exploring the Relationship Between Kolb's Learning Styles and TLP Leadership Styles in the New Jersey State Police: A Correlation Study.

Janie Valdes
Miami, FL

The Evolution of Organizational Identity Claims in a 35-year-old University.

Maryann Wangemann
Ashburn, VA

Decision-Making in Organizational Learning: A Case Study.


Ben White
Rio Rancho, NM

Mindfulness Within an Organizational Context:  A Premise for the Intrasubjective Being.


On-Campus Doctoral Dissertations of 2007

Sandra Becker
Burke, VA
Learning Through Executive Coaching: An Exploration of How Clients Experience Learning.



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Unpublished doctoral dissertations.
The George Washington University, Washington, DC