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ELP Doctoral Dissertations of 2006

Mohammed Al Emadi
Charlottesville, VA
Relationship between Employees’ Beliefs regarding Training Benefits and Employees’ Organizational Commitment in a Petroleum Company in the State of Qatar.

Huda Ayas
Arlington, VA
Investigating the Impact of Intercultural Experiential Learning on Intercultural Sensitivity: A Comparative Study of GWU Third-Year Medical Students.

Maryann Beebe
Bethlehem, PA

Making Sense of Competing Values in Organizations: A Psychological Phenomenological Study with Practicing Oncologists in Teaching Hospitals. (Awarded With Honors.)

Mary Ellen Dorsett
Fort Myers, FL

A Study of Knowledge Creation and Strategic Formation in a Public, Nonprofit Healthcare Organization.

Colleen Duffy
Purceville, VA

Transformative Learning Through Critical Reflection: The Relationship to Emotional Competence.

Linda Fang

Through Singaporean Eyes: A Descriptive Case Study of Young Adults' E-learning Experience.

Jacquie Hamp
Gaithersburg, MD

Voice and Transformative Learning: A Study of Critical Reflection and Rational Discourse in a Transformative Learning Experience as Experienced by Economically Disadvantaged Women.

Laura Frey Horn
Round Hill, VA

How Individuals Considered Transcendent Experience Meaning in Work: A Phenomenological Study.

Mohammed Ibrahimkhan
Saudi Arabia

Income as a Possible Factor in the Employment of Saudis in Private and Public Sector Organizations: A Human Capital Theory Approach.

Violette Jacobson
Vienna, VA

Conscious Customer Interaction: A Phenomenological Exploration of the Emergence of Sales as Experienced by the Employee Agent of a Firm and His Loyal Customers.

Steven Moyer
Harleysville, PA

Experiencing the Essence of Selecting and Developing Life Goals. 

Liliana Meneses
Ashburn, VA

Homesick for Abroad: A Phenomenological Study of Third Culture Identity, Language, and Memory.

David Szabla
Cambridge, MA

A Multidimensional View of Resistance: Exploring Cognitive, Emotional, and Intentional Responses to Planned Organizational Change across Different Perceived Change Strategies.

Lisa Newsome Toppin
Castro Valley, CA

Defining the Psychological Contract of the Virtual Worker: Implications for the Human Resource Professional.

Brian Tivnan
Fredericksburg, MD

Coevolutionary Dynamics of Strategic Networks: Boundary Spanning and Weak Ties.

Charles Tweedly
Millbury, MA

Transformational Learning in Successful Dyslexics.

Mary Volz-Peacock
Fredericksburg, VA

Values and Cohesiveness: A Case Study of a Federal Team.

Brian Williams
Waldorf, MD

The Listening Behaviors of Managers in the Workplace.


On-Campus Doctoral Dissertations of 2006

Linda Byington
Alexandria, VA
An Exploration of the Relationship Between How an Organization Expresses its Identity and How Visitors Make Sense of It in its Corporate Museum.

Ayman El-Tarabishy
Arlington, VA
An Exploratory Study Investigating the Relationship between the CEO’s Visionary Leadership Style and the Organization’s Entrepreneurial Orientation.

Tova Olson Sanders
Washington, DC
Shared Leadership in New Product Development Teams: The Role of Vertical Leadership, Shared Leadership, Team Learning Orientation, and Team Effectiveness. With Distinction.

Judy Schmitz
Ocean City, MD
Managerial Attentiveness to Informal Learning in the Workplace.

Carolyn Vincent
White Plains, MD

Leadership in a Knowledge Society: An Examination of the Relationship Between Perceptions of Leadership and Knowledge Management Actions Using a Social Action Theory Approach.



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Unpublished doctoral dissertations.
The George Washington University, Washington, DC