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ELP Doctoral Dissertations of 2005

Mary-Therese Brady-Hartnett
Limerick, Ireland
The Emergence of Knowledge in Communication: An Exploratory Study of the Relationship Between Team Talk-in-interaction and Team Learning Actions in a New Product Development Team.

Douglas Bryant
Roanoke, VA
The Components of Emotional Intelligence and the Relationship to Sales Performance.

Terry Cahill
Beachwood, NJ

CEO Sensemaking in Turbulent Environments.

Julia Wallace Carr
Linville, VA

An Exploration of How Learning and Development Emerge for Student Employees During the On-campus Work Experience.

Bernadette Carson
Annapolis, MD

Understanding the Learning Transformations of First Time Marathoners: Measuring Changes in Learning Orientation and Self-Efficacy.

Jan Christine
Los Lunas, NM

Identity and Image Emergence in a Non-profit Start-up. 

Myoung Sook Choi
South Korea

A Case Study of an Action Learning Program: Can Action Learning Be an Approach to Enhance a Manager's Coaching Behavior?

Julie Cincotta
Lake Ridge, VA

The Link Between Individual Occupational Stress and Organizational Effectiveness as Shown by Performance Evaluation, Productivity Measures, and Employee Satisfaction.

Melissa Kabin Deniham
California, MD

Naturalistic Decision Making in Aviation: Understanding the Decision Making Process of Experienced Naval Aviators in Novel or Unexpected Flight Situations.

Ozgur Ekmekci
Sterling, VA

Emergence of Organizational Identification in Individuals Over Time: A Computer Simulation Investigating the Effect of Temporal Variables on the Congruence Between Members' Perceived Self-Identity and Perceived Organizational Identity.

Marian Fortner
Washington, DC

Entrepreneurs and their Social Networks: Motivations, Expectations and Outcomes.

Deb Gmelin
Louisville, KY

Personality Traits of Executive Women: A Descriptive Study.

Ellen Goldman
Reston, VA

Becoming a Strategic Thinker: The Learning Journey of Healthcare CEOs.

Florence Ho
Wanchai, Hong Kong

A Phenomenological Study on Entrepreneurs' Learning Experience in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Hong Kong.

A. Gidget Hopf
Genesco, NY

The Nature of Executive Coaching From the Perspectives of the Coach, Executive and Followers. 
Rhonda Jones
Columbia, MD


Social Identity and Relational Demography in the Workplace:  A Quantitative Investigation of Ethnicity, Social Support and Organizational Commitment.

Devin Jopp
Alexandria, VA

Formal and Informal Collective Learning Systems: Understanding the Emergent Flow of Knowledge.  

Martin Kormanik
Alexandria, VA

White Males in Transition: Describing the Experience of a Stalled Career. 

Dan Krieger
Bowie, MD

Workforce Diversity: A Historical Case Study of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. 

TaeBok Lee
Seoul, Korea

A Case Study of Action Learning Program With Regard to Leadership Behavior and Characteristics.

Susan Miller
Palmdale, CA

Lessons Learned or Lessons Noted: A Restrospective Case Study of the Causes of Mishaps in NASA.

Gina Myers
Alexandria, VA

A Phenomenological Study of the Leader's Experience Involving a New Information Technology.

Dan Navarro
Leesburg, VA

The Influence of National Culture on Charismatic Leadership Perceptions: An Exploratory Study of Mexico, Poland, and the United States of America.

Richard Ray
Olney, MD

Investigating Relationships Between Corporate Social Responsibility Orientation and Employer Attractiveness.

Nick Scalzo
Setauket, NY

Radical Organizational Change and Organizational Memory Systems: A Qualitative Case Study of Tacit and Explicit Knowledge During Radical Change.

Merle Schwartz
Alexandria, VA

The Modeling of Moral Character by High School Teachers Through Transformational Leadership and Emotional Competence.

Mabel Soh

A Correlational Study of the Relationship Between a Firm's Intangible Resources and its Sustainable Competitive Advantage.

Pamela Smith
Williamsville, NY

Formal Mentoring: A Study Examining the Experiences of Women of Color in a Food Retail Organization.

Jane Thall
Chantilly, VA

The Role of the Manager in the Conversion of Tacit to Explicit Knowledge.

Mike Valerio
Sunny Isles Beach, FL

Structuring Distributed Cognitions and Action in a High Reliability Organization.


On-Campus Doctoral Dissertations of 2005

Patrice Scanlon
Dumfries, VA

A Mixed Methods Exploration of Leaders' Sensemaking Actions and Outcomes in a National Sorority.

Lauren Turner
Needham, MA

Patterns of Learning in the Lives of People Who Experience Meaningful Work.

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