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ELP Doctoral Dissertations of 2004

Anna Adams
Oakton, VA
Organization Trust and Upward Mobility.

Geri Augusto
Providence, RI

Knowing Differently, Innovating Together?  An Exploratory Case Study of Trans-Epistemic Interaction in a South African Bioprospecting Program.

Kathleen Cavanaugh
Falls Church, VA

Who Were We Then. . . Who Are We Now?  A Qualitative Analysis of the Relationship Between Organizational Identity and Collective Memory.

Gus Crosetto
Potomac, MD

The Experience of Team Emotion:  A Phenomenological Study in the Emotion of Teams.

Agata Dulnik
Glastonbury, CT

National Differences in Employees' Work Values:  A Comparative Study of the United States, Poland, and Mexico.

Bev George
Arlington, TX

The Project Manager's Role in Creating Learning Within the Project Team (An Explorative Study of Project Teams, Learning, Environment:  Norms, Behaviors and Tools of the PM.

Jack Gilbert
Del Mar, CA

The Role of Ethics in Decision Making for Senior Management Consultants in Large Consulting Firms.

Banu Golesorkhi
Brussels, Belgium

A Cross-cultural Investigation of the Concept of Trustworthiness.

Patty Goodman
Ocala, FL

The Effect of Learner Autonomy in Team Learning Within a Healthcare Environment.

James Hazy
Lebanon, NJ

A Leadership and Capabilities Framework for Organizational Change:  Simulating the Emergence of Leadership as an Organizational Meta-capability. (Awarded With Honors.)

Colleen Kendall
Newark, DE

Relationship of Learner Autonomy and Computer-based Education:  An Exploratory Study of a Healthcare Organization.

Catherine Lombardozzi
Wilmington, DE

Learning Through Relationships:  A Qualitative Analysis of New Graduate Learning.


Jo Longnecker
Arlington, VA

Work as War:  A Phenomenological Study of Top Management Team's Meaning Making Through Metaphor.

Millie Mateu
Alexandria, VA

Culture and Learning: A Phenomenological Study of Americans Living and Working in Japan.

Mark Metzger
Curtis Bay, MD

A Study of Organization Cynicism:  A Qualitative Inquiry into the Formation of Cynical Beliefs in an Organization.

Joe O'Brien
Peachtree City, GA

Perceptions of the Role of Parents in Shared Decision Making Under School-based Management:  The Search for a New School.

Stan Rifkin
Carlsbad, CA

The Parsons Game:  The First Simulation of Talcott Parsons' General Theory of Action.

Ken Sloan
Princeton, NJ

Managers' Experiential Learning: An Examination of the Relationship Between Personality and Tacit Knowledge.

Deb Waddill
Herndon, VA

Action E-Learning:  The Impact of Action Learning on the Effectiveness of a Management-Level Web-Based Instruction Course.

Yeo Keng Choo

Sensemaking of a Strategic Restructuring Event in a Singapore Business Organization.

Kathleen Yoshida
Ashburn, VA

Saying and Being:  A Case Study of the Role of Discourse in the Selection of Organizational Identity Claims in an Animal Welfare Organization.


On-Campus Doctoral Dissertations of 2004

Leona Ba
Silver Spring, MD

Knowledge Management and Organizational Culture: a Social Action Perspective.

Teodoro Campos

Puerto Rican Human Resource Professionals' Perceptions of the Concept, Practice, and Future of Human Resource Development (HRD) in Puerto Rico.

Margaret DeLaney Gorman
Arlington, VA

Creating Organizational Knowledge During Transformational Change:  A Multi-site Case Study Using an Action Theory Approach.


Mariely Loperena
Bowie, MD

Team Leadership in Effective Teams.


Beverly Nyberg
Washington, DC

The Impact of Person-Job and Person-Superior Fit on Employee Satisfaction.
Sheila Wright
Baltimore, MD

The Social Phenomenon of Transformational Leadership Among Clergy. 


Unpublished doctoral dissertations.
The George Washington University, Washington, DC

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