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ELP Doctoral Dissertations of 2003

Lisa Alexander
Washington, DC
Variation of Professional Identity Over Time: 
A Study of Physician Assistants.

Joe Bocchino
West Topsham, VT

A Description of the Relationships Between Leadership, Self, and Sensemaking: Emergent Relationships Viewed Through a Constructivist Lens of Social Theory.

Carla Bowens
Hyattsville, MD

The Division and Reunification of an African American Non-Secular Organization:  Factors that Caused the Split and Merger of a Religious Organization.  

Karen Fisher
Durham, NH

Leadership:  Are Leadership Behaviors and Characteristics Related to Career Stage?

Lee Fortier
Hertford, NC

What Motivates Non-traditional Students to Complete Their HRD/OD Doctoral Programs: An Interview Study. 

Sung Hae Kim
Hong Kong

An Examination of Action Learning as a Method for Developing Transformational Leadership Behaviors and Characteristics.

Chris Lafferty
Leesburg, VA

Organizational Trust in Hospital Nursing Staffs and Its Relationship to Three Performance Indicators of Organizational Effectiveness.

Geraldine Manning
Potomac, MD

Knowledge Structures of a Performance-based Organization and a Traditional Organization in a Government Environment:  A Comparative Case Study.

Marsha Moore
Ashburn, VA

Correlation of Preceptorships to Organizational Learning.

Carolyn Palmer
Springfield, MA

HRD and Knowledge Management in the Workplace.

Robert Richer
Edgewood, MD

Meaning-Making by Involuntarily Reassigned Employees.

Stan Surrette
Ashburn, VA

The Effect of Stock Option Dilution and Stock Option Distribution on Firm Performance.

Lynne Thompson
Alexandria, VA

An Investigation of the Relationships Between Exposure to On-the-job Challenges and Self-reported Changes in Leadership Behavior and Characteristics.

Sheila Wright
Baltimore, MD

The Social Phenomenon of Transformational Leadership in Clergy.


On-Campus Doctoral Dissertations of 2003

Debbie Augustin
Silver Spring, MD

An Empirical Investigation of the Effects of Leadership Development Training on the Visionary Leadership Characteristics and Behaviors of Emerging Leaders Within Their Organizational Contexts.

Christie Burton
Peachtree City, GA

Organizational Culture, Managerial Values, and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors.

Donna Hunte-Cox
Christ Church, Barbados

Executive Succession Planning and Organization Learning Capacity.

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