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Human and Organizational Learning
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ELP Doctoral Dissertations of 2000

Bryan Adkins
Half Moon Bay, CA
Connections Within Organizations: Value Congruence Between Individuals, Groups and the Organization. 

Terry Carter
Richmond, VA

The Voice of Relationship: Transformative Learning Through Developmental Relationships in the Lives of Midcareer Women.

Thomas Chapman
Bethesda, MD

Management Learning Experiences of an Elite Occupational Group: Health Care CEOs.  

Christine Chen

Formal Mentoring Relationship of Singaporean Chinese in a Private and a Public Organization.

Carol Gorelick
New York, NY

Toward an Understanding of Organizational Learning and Collaborative Technology: A Case Study of Structuration and Sensemaking in a Virtual Project Team.  

Antony Hii

The Impact of Action Learning in the Conflict Handling Styles of Managers in a Malaysian Company. 

James Leslie
Hollywood, MD

Organizational Learning in AA: An Egalitarian Non-profit Organization. 

Robert Urian
Newark, DE

Sensemaking and Knowledge Creation: How Organizations Learn Through Industrial Accident Team Investigations. 

Paul Wright
Belmont, CA

Person-Organization Fit in the Context of National Cultures: Congruency Between Organization-wide, Country-specific and Individual Values in a Multinational Firm. 


Unpublished doctoral dissertations. The George Washington University. Washington, DC


On-Campus Doctoral Dissertations of 2000

Chris G. Johnson
Falls Church, VA
A Theoretical Model of Organizational Learning and Performing Action Systems: The Development and Initial Validation of the Duality of Parsonian Action Frame of Reference Through Confirmatory Factor Analysis. 



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Unpublished doctoral dissertations.
The George Washington University, Washington, DC